As we head into the colder seasons, dark shades like honey blonde are a great way to stay active while adding depth and richness to your hair strands. For those of us with dark skin, honey blonde hair is a color to pay more attention to because it's multi-dimensional and friendly to those of us who are naturally dark. Honey blonde hair color is a big trend for fall and winter because it matches almost every skin tone. Keep reading to learn how to try this warm butter blonde, and the honey blonde wig style you'll need.

honey blonde hair

What is honey blonde hair?

Honey blonde hair is a medium blonde tone that originated in the 70s. It is a mix of dark and warm blonde with light brown. Honey blonde hair has a deliberate warmth and looks golden and vibrant, making it very flattering to all skin tones. Therefore, don’t worry! Honey blonde hair looks best on dark skin. Of course, honey blonde can be customized to your preference, and it looks great on blondes, redheads, and brunettes.
Whether you're a natural blonde, a redhead, or someone who likes dark roots that blend in with brightness, honey blonde will enhance all skin tones. So if you're ready to enjoy in a sweet honey blonde hue, you'll be in for a treat and plenty of compliments.

How to get a honey blonde hair?

Do you want to get three-dimensional honey blonde hair color? It is best to seek professional help. If you have dark hair, you need to find the best honey blonde hair dye, you'll definitely need some bleach to get a honey blonde. Here are two ways to get honey blonde hair.

1. Ask your stylist for help

Use honey blonde hair dye to dye your existing natural hair or wig turn to honey blonde, and you may need to bleach your hair in the process.

2. Wear a honey blonde wig directly

Wearing a wig is the best way to experiment with any hair color you want. You don't have to worry about fading or frequent trips to the hairdresser. Here are 3 honey blonde wigs that are perfect for dark skin.

a. Honey blonde body wave lace front wigs

Honey blonde body wave lace front wigs

If you were to ask me what is the most popular wig hairstyle right now, I would have no hesitation in telling you, it is the body wave wig. In fact, there are many styles of texture on wigs, but the body wave wig is the most classic. Body waves paired with a warm honey blonde color will make your hair look super shiny and lush. If you're more of an average height, then you can try an 18 inches honey blonde body wave lace front wig, the medium-length body wavy wig that any girl would love.

b. Honey blonde highlight wig

Honey blonde highlight wig

You can never go wrong with honey blonde highlights because they look great on everyone and blend in with all hair colors. Honey blonde tones like this are great, and bright highlights help further accentuate your honey blonde hairstyle. You can always believe honey blonde highlights.
On the other hand, the honey blonde highlight is a 13x1 T-part curly lace wig. As you know, the T-part wig is reasonably priced and has a very natural appearance, so it is worth trying.

c. Honey blonde bone straight wig

Honey blonde bone straight wig

If wavy hair isn't your thing, and you said the simple wig is your preference, don't worry! The honey blonde hair color looks perfect on straight hair, too, and the honey blonde bone straight wig is a layered wig that looks very stylish.

The best honey blonde hair ideas for 2022

Do you want to learn more about the hair colors associated with a honey blonde? Honey blonde is the perfect way to get out of the rut this fall, and there are a few related hair colors you can choose from below. 

honey blonde hair ideas for 2022

1. Dark honey blonde color

If you find blonde hair more difficult to maintain, try a dark honey blonde. This color looks especially attractive on olive and dark complexions and requires no extra care on your part.

2. Honey blonde with auburn highlights

If you've always wanted to try being a redhead, why not give the honey blonde with auburn highlights a try? Auburn highlights and honey blonde colors enhance depth and brightness.

3. Honey blonde Balayage

Try a hand-painted Balayage for an elegant style that never goes out of style. Keep the warm honey tones to make the overall color look bright. If you have a naturally dark complexion, the warm tones in your skin (red, yellow) work well with the warm tones in your hair (caramel honey).

4. Honey bronde

Brown blonde hair is another excellent option for brunettes who want to go blonde without going all over, create your bronze look with honey blonde tones to keep your tone rich and warm.

5. Honey blonde money piece

Money pieces are exactly what it sounds like: strategically placed lighter colors around the face to make your tone look instantly expensive. When juxtaposed with amber hair, we can guarantee that honey blonde money pieces will make you look like a million dollars.


From what I've said above, do you still think it's incredible to have dark skin with honey blonde hair? There's nothing like honey blonde for our black women's hair color, so come to nadula and pick out the honey blonde wig that suits you best!