Human hair lace front wig, also called human hair front lace wig, is a kind of lace wig that made of real hair and lace cap. The lace is not the delicate fabric material that used to make clothing or fabric decor, here, it refers to a fine, sheer mesh that hairs are individually tied to. A lace frontal wig labeled as “lace front” means that a piece of sheer lace mesh is located at the front of the wig cap.

There are different types on the market depending on customer needs: 360 frontal wig, full frontal wig, 13x4 frontal closure wig, 13x6 lace frontal closure wig, etc. And for the hair materials, there are lace front human hair wig, cheap synthetic lace front wig, and others. Frontal wigs are popular, economical, and practical, but some people will ask will it damage my hair? Can lace front wigs be taken off every day? So, we will share with readers the answers to related questions.

1.What is the purpose of the lace front wig?

Existence is the meaning of being, And there also be reasons why the lace frontal closure wigs are so popular and welcomed by so many consumers. There are several benefits to wearing lace front closure wigs. Some include: 

Honey Blonde Highlight lace closure wig

· Lace front wigs are the most natural looking lace wigs on the market today.

· The lace front is dyed to match your skin tone, giving the wig base the same color as your scalp.

· The lace material can easily blend with your skin and is hardly visible.

1. If you always change your hair color, a frontal wig can prevent damaging your hair with constant color changes.

2. You can try different frontal lace wigs when you want to change your hairstyles, so it can reduce the amount of heat damage to your natural crown

3. It can dramatically change your look while protecting your natural locks.

Unlike traditional wigs, front lace wigs are highly breathable which ensures your hair and scalp have the room it needs to get the proper ventilation with extended wear.

2.Does human hair lace front wig damage your hair?

human hair wig lace front or other lace front wigs alone are not the cause of damage to your hairline. Thinning edges can occur with improper lace frontal wig installation, removal, and poor edge care rituals when not rocking your latest lace wig(go here to get the price). Our natural hairline contains delicate hairs that are not as flexible or rich with the same degree of elasticity as that of the rest of the hairs on our head. 

This unique quality leaves them vulnerable to damage and even patchy hair loss when we inadvertently apply adhesives or tape on top of our natural hairline or fail to use the appropriate adhesive removal solution like C-22 Solvent or rubbing alcohol to remove our real hair lace wigs when we are done wearing them.

Therefore, there is no evidence that hair damage was caused by frontal wigs. Any natural hair damage you might be experiencing while wearing a lace frontal closure wig often has more to do with your installation, removal, and hair care practices rather than the lace wig itself.

Then, you may want to try it. And here the question comes, how long can you keep a lace front wig on? 

Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

3.How long can you keep lace frontal closure wigs on?

This question does not have the correct answers. Generally speaking, A lace front wig can be left on for up to six weeks with long term adhesive. Actually, the length of time a lace frontal wig can be left on depends on what method and products were used when you install the wig, as well as the consumer’s body chemistry. 

4.How often should you wash your lace front wig?

The lace front wigs need periodic cleaning to extend their life span. Especially in summer. For the real hair wig, it is the same with our natural hair, so it should be cleaned carefully. In common, Whether they are full frontal lace wigs or frontal wigs with baby hair, you need to wash it every one or two weeks. It the hair begins dry or sticky, it may be time to give it a rinse and condition.

Reminder, frequent washing will limit its lifespan, so try not to over wash it. You’d better take it off before going to bed or wear a cap at night, it will help to reduce the washing time.

360 Lace Front Wig

5.How to take care of lace front closure wigs?

Tips on Prevent Damage to Your Hair When Wearing Lace Front Wigs:

Now that we have talked about the benefits of a lace front wig, and do you know how to prevent damage your natural hair when wearing a lace front wig?

1. Buy A Wig Cap

A wig cap is necessary if you are wigs lovers. It helps to protect our natural hair, hairline, and scalp very well. Look for nylon wig caps that won’t suffocate your scalp or create so much tension on your edges that it contributes to breakage. You want to purchase a wig cap that will aid in your quest to keep the hair beneath rich with hydration. Hair and scalp hydration is a necessity if you want to avoid damage to your natural hair or hair loss.

2.Glue Your Lace Front Wig

Try to apply enough to create a tacky environment before installing your lace front human hair wig when using the glue or adhesive for your lace frontal. Too much of a good thing can leave your hairline dry and riddled with those pesky white flakes.

2. Take Good Care of the Natural Hair 

Although the frontal wig has given you so much, try to avoid wearing it for greater than four to five weeks. Because your natural hair and scalp need to breathe periodically. Give both of them a deep cleansing and conditioning to remove dirt and debris as well as infuse much-needed moisture after wearing a wig for such an extended period.