From highlight to Balayage, and then to Ombre, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest hair color trends. However, high-quality lowlight is a hairstyle that never goes out of style. What's even more bizarre is that if you have brown hair, it can look very delicate even with the right selection for lowlights. Lowlights for brown hair will bring out your eye color and skin tone and add energy to your hair. Below I will tell you all about adding lowlight to brown hair you need to know.

What are lowlights?

A full head colored may be challenging for many girls, so they often choose only dye a small part of their hair. Highlights are often many people's first experience with hair coloring, so even if you haven't tried it yourself, you probably know someone who has. However, lowlight seems a little mysterious to many of us. high-quality lowlight
Lowlight is a hair coloring technique that involves dyeing hair darker to add depth and dimension. Do you want to add some contour to your hairstyle? Use a lowlight that is 2-3 shades darker than your base color.
The effect of lowlight is to deepen your natural hair color, it can also add richness and dimension to any hairstyle. Lowlights can also help you fake some hair volume if your hair looks a little flat, which is an illusion of hair color.

Highlights vs. Lowlights, what are the differences?

In many ways, highlights and lowlights are very similar, including the methods used to achieve them. They are done in the traditional way using aluminum foil, or freehand painting. But there is a key difference between highlights and lowlights that highlights use bleach to lift and lighten your hair color, while lowlights turn your base color down a few shades to add an extra dimension. Highlights vs. Lowlights
Lowlights work on all hair types, from curly to straight, and depending on your base color, they can be very subtle or have a greater effect.
In short, highlights highlight your natural color, while lowlight deepens your natural color. However, highlights and lowlights for brown hair also will create the perfect effect.

 lowlight deepens your natural color

Why choose lowlights for brown hair?

Many blondes dream of being brunettes, while browns often imagine what they would look like as blondes. Lowlight is perfect for girls with brown hair who want to make their hair color more unique.
1. Adding lowlight to brown hair is a great way to add natural volume and size to your hair by creating shadow and depth.
2. Adding lowlight to brown hair brings out your eye color and skin tone, adding active things to your hair and making it look amazing whether you're letting it down or styling it in a sophisticated style.
3. Any lowlight color will work well with brown hair, so you can choose your own lowlight color without worrying about the effect.

Why choose lowlights for brown hair?

What is the best color of lowlights for brown hair?

The color of lowlight on brown hair is usually two or three steps darker than your base color, though depending on your skin tone, you can choose a warmer or cooler brown lowlight, ranging from lighter chestnut to rich caramel to dark chocolate. For girls who want lowlight brown hair, I've also put together 5 versatile lowlight colors that go with no skin tone.

1. Dark brown hair with lowlights

Dark brown hair with lowlights works well with both long and short brown hair, and the soft fuchsia lowlight softens your look. The result is a delicate hairstyle that you can't take your eyes off! What a bold hairstyle! With your small facial features, this dark brown hair with lowlights style looks great.

2. Brown hair with red lowlights

It's hard to pull off a full head of red hair, so why don't you steal their power with some red lowlight? You can also add caramel-colored highlights on top to complete your look. Brown hair with red lowlights will be your best choice.

3. Blonde hair with brown lowlights

This hairstyle is in line with the latest trends and it recommends a natural look and subtle transitions of hair color. It accentuates your eyes, as well as your basic hair color.

4. Dark brown hair with caramel lowlights

Caramel was a big hair color for the second half of the year, so let's go back to caramel again, dark brown hair with caramel lowlights will be the hottest hair trend of the cold season.

5. Brown hair with dark chestnut highlights

This dark and warm brown hairstyle is just perfect. In addition, you can also use the Balayage technique to add some maroon stripes around the face. Then style your hair into beach waves.


Brown hair with lowlight is a unique hairstyle that will never go out of style.
On the other hand, brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlights is also always in style, why don’t you rock your brown hair right now?