Do you want to have the most stylish hairstyle in 2023? Some girls are embracing the Dookie braids of the 90s. Dookie braids are a low-maintenance, protective hairstyle that will keep your hair healthy as it grows. If you're looking for a new protective style to express your personality, Dookie braids are a style worth trying. Read on, and learn more about the Dookie braids.

stylish hairstyle in 2023

What are Dookie braids?

Dookie braids are large braids that hang freely. They can also be multiple individual braids. It became popular in the 90s. Some Caucasians even think of it as braids. You can use Dookie braids to do different styles such as ponytails, updos, buns, and others. The most convenient and comfortable look is to gather them together into a giant ponytail. Before creating this style, you must first clean your hair. This is the best protective style for healthy hair. There are different styles that can change your look.

How to do Dookie braids?

Try to check the condition of your hair before choosing this Dookie braid. If you have weak hair, adding thick braids can be a disaster. If you are experiencing hair breakage, now is not the right time for you to wear these braids. After making sure you have healthy hair, it's time to start experimenting with this style.

What are Dookie braids?

1. Wash and condition your hair

The first step is to wash your hair. Doing so will remove any excess from your hair or scalp, such as product, buildup, dust, and so on. If you have a noticeable buildup in your hair or scalp, do not use your regular shampoo. Switch to clarifying shampoo.
Never forget to condition or deep condition your hair after washing. Any time you wash your hair, some of the moisture is removed from your hair. You need to replenish these fluids to ensure that your hair stays manageable and healthy.

2. Part your hair into the large sections

If your hair is clean, moist, and combed, it's time to start parting it now. In this step, you need to part your natural into several sections. However, the weight of the braid pulls your roots down, increasing the chance of breakage. Therefore, when parting your natural hair, err on the side of too large rather than too small. So you need to part your hair into large sections, rather than micro braids.

3. Braid every part of your hair from root to tail

Choose a section of hair and apply a generous amount of edge control to the roots. Use your fingers or an edge brush to smooth the hair to reduce flying hair. Then, braid the braided hair with your natural hair from root to tip. It is a very important step, you can interpret this as adding extensions to your braids.

4. Close the ends of the braid

Once your hair is braided, you need to seal the ends. The most reliable method of sealing braids is the soak method. It requires you to soak the braid in super-hot water to freeze the hair into clumps.

3 hottest Dookie braids you must try 2023

If you want to try out the Dookie braids but don't know which one is best for you, don’t worry, here are three of the most popular Dookie braids styles you can choose from. In fact, three of the Dookie braids are very popular with girls, and it is best for most face shapes.

How to do Dookie braids?

1. Dookie braids with blonde highlights

You can imagine that the blonde spot in the Dookie braids with blonde highlights makes them stand out, but more importantly, the Dookie braids with blonde highlights will catch the eye and keep it attractive. You can pull back a few braids and holding them in place with elastic or other accessories can change the whole look, plus it's a quick, effortless style that can be done with anything.

2. Dookie braid bump

Not only are the Dookie braids bump absolutely perfect, but this hairstyle also scores points for height and bulk. Bumping a half or full ponytail is about more than simply adding height and volume. It also gives off a sacred retro vibe. Whenever it feels like one of those nights in the 60s, this is a style to be pleased with.

3. Dookie braids in half-up pony

Sometimes you need a simple but showy braid. Instead of a half ponytail, one or two braids are wrapped around the base of this ponytail, effectively hiding the elastic and adding tremendous height.


Dookie braids aren't just a fashion statement. They are protective and functional, yet varied and ornate. With so many colors, lengths, and styles, finding a flattering variation is effortless.