Recently, Ghana weaving styles have set off a new fashion trend. Besides, this kind of cornrows is also a hairstyle that protects our natural hair. In addition to natural black, you will often see many colorful Ghana weaving styles, which will be more unique and unique. Today we will answer your questions about Ghana weaving styles in this blog to help you understand them more comprehensively.

ghana weaving styles

Q1: What Are Ghana Weaving Styles

A: Ghana weaving is a form of weaving the hair by feeding in the braids as the hair is being made. Ghana cornrows also called invisible cornrows which are straight-back. The cornrows run down your head and end in long, thick braids. It is usually so beautiful after being made but requires a lot of patience. And if you want a more unique Ghana weaving style, you can choose colorful bundles to feed in your braids.

Q2: Are Ghana Braids Versatile?

You can do your Ghana weaving styles in any color and length. You can decorate it with beads, metal rings, colorful ropes, and so on. Besides, you can also create different hairstyles, such as buns or ponytails.

You can choose different Ghana weaving styles according to your preferences, for example, shuku Ghana weaving styles and Nigerian Ghana weaving styles. It also suits girls with various face shapes. It is wonderful to create Ghana weaving styles for round faces or oval faces.

Q3: Can Natural Hair Do Ghana Weaving?

A: Yes! You can use your natural hair to do Ghana weaving styles, you just have to stretch your hair properly. Because our natural hair is relatively short and cannot achieve a perfectly long and thick Ghana weaving hairstyle, we need to use some hair bundles to extend and enrich our braids to achieve the perfect Ghana weaving styles.

Q4: Does Ghana Braids Break Your Hair?

A: The answer is "No"! Ghana's weaving style is one of the protective hairstyles. Only if you don’t braid it too tight, not only will it not damage your hair, but it will protect your natural hair. Ghana weaving styles limit the stress of environmental factors on natural hair by keeping the ends of hair tucked away in order to discourage tugging, pulling, and manipulation.

Q5: How Many Hours Does It Take To Make Ghana Weaving?

It takes an average of two hours to make a Ghana weaving style. The time is much shorter than the time spent doing other protective styles. If you plan to do it by yourself, this is still a very energy-consuming process. So if you think it will cause your arm soreness, you can go to a hair salon and find a stylist to help you complete the hairstyle you want.

Q6: How To Braid Ghana Weaving Styles

1. Get your hair ready

First, comb your hair and apply moisturizer, especially dry hair roots. Then divide your hair into several parts, it's up to you. And keep in mind that the more sections you create, the more bundles you will need to add. Generally speaking, about six is enough.

2. Prepare some bundles

Separate your bundles. Each braid needs about 12 strands. Of course, you can adjust it to your liking. Remember that each strand should be thicker than the last one. In this process, you don’t have to worry about whether you should use bundles with the same color as your hair. Different colors will create a distinctive sense of fashion.

3. Braid bundles with your hair

Section your divided hair into three smaller parts and start braiding your hair. Take the thinnest bundle, fold it in half from the middle and wrap it around the beginning of the braid. Then tuck the bundle under the middle section of your braid.

Continue braiding it twice, and then take a thicker bundle and add it into the braid. Just repeat this step until you have used up all the bundles, and then you will get long and thick cornrows. After that, repeat the steps for other parts of the hair, until you have completed all the hair.

4. Finish the braid

After you finish your hairstyle, you can use a scissor to trim the excess hair around the braid, but be careful not to cut your braid. And lastly, you can make some baby hair to make your hairstyle perfect.

Q7: How Long Does Ghana Weaving Last?

Generally speaking, Ghana braids can only last for 2 weeks. Remember that you don’t need to get your hair wet and wash it when you keep a Ghana weaving style. If you maintain it carefully, it can be kept for up to three weeks, which is not a very long time compared to other braided protective hairstyles. Wearing it for only two weeks can ensure that your hair will not dry out or fall out. We should all have the awareness of taking care of our hair in time.

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We hope that this post can help you solve your confusion about Ghana weaving styles. If you need some bundles to make Ghana weaving styles, Nadula can offer you various bundles of different lengths and colors. If you have some ideas about Ghana weaving styles, welcome to share them with us in the comment section.