Loving beauty is the nature of human beings, but for people who suffer from frequent hair loss or thinning hair, it has added difficulties. Hair loss is very common for many people. Although some solutions can alleviate the problem of hair loss, they require long care cycles and long-term regular habits. If you want a good short-term countermeasure, wigs can be a good solution to this problem. If you just want to cover the top or specific sparse areas, the hair toppers are more suitable.

The wonderful of hair toppers is that they can effectively cover the thinning hair area, and you can choose the appropriate size according to your hair condition. The hair toppers are easy to install and can add volume very well. If you have never seen or used a hair topper, you may have many questions about hair toppers, this post collects a lot of frequently asked questions about hair toppers, to help you answer your confusion, as a guide for you to know all about hair toppers.

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Q1. What Are Hair Toppers?

A: Hair toppers are also known as half wigs or wiglets. One of the most prominent functions of hair toppers is to effectively replenish areas of hair loss or thinning hair. But the hair topper can not completely replace your natural hair, it is just used as a top accessory to cover the bald area of the scalp. In addition, not all colors and styles can match your natural hair perfectly, you need to choose a color and hairstyle that is similar to your natural hair, to ensure that it can blend well with your hair. The size of the hair topper depends on the affected area of the scalp. Hair toppers are also an alternative to hair extensions if you're looking to add volume and thickness to your hair.

Q2. What Are The Advantages of Hair Toppers?

A:The hair topper doesn't need tape or glue to stick, easy to install, and you can save time. It is comfortable and light to wear, and has a good invisible effect. Most importantly, it's breathable so your scalp can breathe freely throughout the wear. A hair topper is a great solution for thinning hair, bald spots, and hair loss on the top of the head.

Q3. Do Hair Toppers Damage Your Hair?

A:Wearing a hair topper is not linked to hair loss. The function of the hair topper is to cover the thinning hair and provide some protection to the damaged hair area. But if used incorrectly, it can cause hair breakage or damage. it will pull the hair and cause the hair to break or fall out. Also, don’t sleep in a hair topper, and give your hair a rest, too.

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Q4. How Long Does a Hair Topper Last?

A:Generally speaking, a hair decoration can last from six months to more than a year. Good care will also make your hair topper last longer. Not overwashing and storing your hair topper properly will prolong its life.

Q5. Can I Sleep in My Hair Topper?

A:You can but it's better not to do it. Sleeping with a hair topper on is more likely to cause messy and tangled hair, makes it difficult to comb the hair, causes hair to fall out, and also shortens its lifespan. If you must wear it to sleep, a silk pillowcase is even better, which will help keep hair from tangling and reduce friction.

Q6. Can Hair Toppers Use Hot Tools?

A:If the hair topper is made of synthetic hair, it cannot be heated. When drying the hair, you need to set the appropriate hot and cold temperature, and it is best not to exceed 150 degrees when styling. If it is a human hair topper, you can use a hair straightener and curling iron, you can style your hair like natural hair.

Q7. Which Is Better Between Wigs And Hair Toppers?

A:Wigs and hair toppers do the same thing when it comes to adding volume and covering thinning hair. However, there are many obvious differences between the two, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hair toppers only cover the bald area on the top of the head, while wigs can cover the entire head. The hair that has a smaller area than a wig and is relatively lighter and breathable. For the way of wearing, the hair topper is easier to operate, just need to fix the clip on part of the natural hair, saving time. But for people with extensive hair loss, human hair wigs are better. If you are chasing fashion and beautiful hairstyles, wearing wigs is also a better choice, because you don't need to spend time looking for hair hats similar to your own hair color and style, you can change your favorite hairstyle at will, and you can also use straight hair Use a curling iron or curling iron to make creative changes to your wig without damaging your natural hair.

Q8. How to maintain the hair topper?

A:When washing hair toppers, you don't need to wash them as often as your own natural hair, and it is recommended that you wash them every two weeks. This may sound strange, but it is useful. Our scalp secretes oils into our natural hair, but hair toppers don't get greasy from secreting oil. Frequent washing of the hair topper will dry out the hair and shorten its life of the hair topper.


The above are the frequently asked questions and answers about hair toppers collected, I believe they will be helpful to you, and you can better know the difference between hair toppers and wigs. It is wisest to choose the right hair type according to your own situation and needs. If you have other questions or other content you want to know, please leave a message in the comment area, and we will provide you with more information.