COVID-19 mostly starts with fever and during the complete tenure, fever stays with you. Many people experience noticeable hair loss a few months after having a high fever or recovering from COVID. Although a lot of people confuse this for hair loss, it's hair shedding.

Following COVID-19 infection, long-term side effects have led to a number of catastrophic symptoms, including loss of taste and smell, brain fog, and weariness. Another typical symptom that has been mentioned is hair loss. Even though this side effect could be among the most concerning, it usually passes quickly.

Reason for Hair Loss: 

When patients with SARS-CoV-2 infections comb their hair every day or wash it in the shower, they may observe clumps of hair falling out. The condition is referred to as telogen effluvium. On our scalp, approximately 90% of hairs are in the anagen phase of development, while only 10% are in the telogen period of rest.

On our scalp, telogen, which lasts between two and six months, begins after anagen, which lasts for around three years. Our hairs are shed from their follicles towards the end of telogen and are eventually replaced by fresh anagen hairs. The growth cycle then resumes. After telogen effluvium, hair will grow back, and there may be certain things you may do to encourage it.

Words from the dermatologist: 

One of the most famous dermatologists Haley Lewis said “I would say we have certainly seen an increase in hair loss due to COVID,” Lewis claimed that she encounters two to three COVID-related hair loss sufferers each week. While some individuals experience just modest hair loss, others lose between 70 and 90 percent of their hair. According to Lewis, some balding patients with COVID-19 were admitted to hospitals while others showed no symptoms. In most cases, hair loss starts a few months after receiving COVID.

Dr. Sharon Belmo, a dermatologist in London who specializes in hair and scalp conditions, claims that hair loss is not a sign of COVID. Instead, she asserted that telogen effluvium is most likely what they are going through. Although COVID appears to be causing hair loss in certain people, Dr. Belmo stressed that the virus is not the only cause of it. Instead, it is regarded as a result of a traumatic experience, such as contracting a horrible illness, or mental stress, such as losing a job or even simply working a little bit too hard.

Things that you need to know: 

Does the hair regrow after COVID? Yes, following telogen effluvium, hair will grow back. The average time for hair to regenerate is three to six months.

Protein and other vitamins and minerals are very important for the growth and development of hair. Get enough of the following, whether through diet or supplements:

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C 
  • Zinc
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin B12

Your hair care regimen matters, so you might want to think about:

Keep away from tight braids and ponytails that tug on the hair, avoiding using too much heat or hair treatments. Although it could be difficult, it's crucial to have patience and understand that your hair will grow back, even if it takes some time.

Meanwhile, using a hair wig will be a relief. Human hair and synthetic hair are the two main types of hair used in wigs. Human hair wigs that last longer but also cost more are frequently regarded as long-term investments. Synthetic wigs may be more ideal for someone who just plans to wear a wig occasionally or for a brief period because of their shorter lifespan and lower expense.

A synthetic wig might be more affordable for people recuperating from COVID-19 and transient telogen effluvium.

Treatment of hair loss due to COVID:

You can undoubtedly get assistance from a compounding pharmacy in your search for the ideal COVID hair loss therapy. The ability to customize scalp treatments is the most notable. Propylene glycol, for instance, is present in a lot of minoxidil products on the market. Your compounding pharmacist can develop a formulation without this ingredient if you are allergic to it or are sensitive to it (and even add more beneficial ingredients).


Minoxidil, one of the most widely used hair loss treatments, is most effective when used as soon as hair loss is first seen. It can be applied straight to the scalp as a liquid or foam. A prescription is typically not needed for minoxidil, and you don't need one to have a personalized mixture made for you by your neighborhood compounding pharmacy.


 Finasteride is solely offered as an oral drug on the commercial market, in contrast to minoxidil, which is a topical medication. The good news is that a compounding pharmacy might be able to create finasteride that can be applied topically. It does, however, need a prescription from your doctor, unlike minoxidil. It functions by stopping your body from converting testosterone into DHT, a hormone that harms hair follicles and is frequently a contributing factor in male pattern baldness.

What to do during the hair loss stage:

When you are going through a hair loss stage and especially if you are a woman, this stage is really difficult for you as you cannot tolerate hair loss even for a single day. Nadula offers the best hair wigs in the industry which will help you to retain your beauty during hair loss. Especially with our Virgin Human Hair wigs, you will look more stylish and beautiful.

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For those who have suffered a localized, limited loss that has left them with a short or bald patch on their head, wigs are an appropriate and practical solution. Instead, more conventional clip-in extensions are available to add length and volume if hair thinning has occurred. You can choose to wear both the pieces and the extensions frequently or occasionally. Nadula Middle part body wave closure with 3 bundles hair weave is one of the options too. 

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