Wigs have become one of the essential fashion items in African American girls’ daily life. In addition to the common human hair wigs, synthetic wigs have also won the favor of many girls because of their affordable prices and diverse styles.

However, synthetic wigs also have their own non-negligible shortcomings, they can't stay soft and smooth until the end. Synthetic wigs will gradually become rough and damaged over time, which is a huge problem for girls who can't afford 100% human hair wigs. But don't worry, this blog will guide you on how to soften synthetic wigs again.

What Damages Your Synthetic Wigs?

You know a synthetic wig often gets damaged over time. Therefore, before you try to soften it, you should first learn about there are some routine habits you need to stop to protect the health and texture of your synthetic hair wigs.


1. Harsh Chemical Products

Don't use the shampoos harsh chemical products to wash your synthetic wigs. In fact, it's bad for anything. Because these chemicals can damage the texture of your wig, long-term use will cause your wig to become dry and frizzy. Therefore, remember to buy and use mild products for your synthetic wigs.

2. Frequent Washing

All the wigs, no matter synthetic wigs or human hair wigs, do not require regular washing like our natural hair. So it is very important to avoid washing your hair wig regularly and aggressively. Frequent washing will ruin the texture of the wigs, cause your wig to be damaged earlier, and reduce the lifespan of synthetic wigs, which will never be the results you want.

3. High Heat

Synthetic wigs are made out of plastic or acrylic fibers that mimic hair. Compared to human hair, it is more difficult to withstand high heat. Therefore, you need to avoid using extremely high heat on synthetic wigs. The heat will take moisture away from the wig strands and damage the hair's protective layer, making your wig drier and more frizzy. If you use high heat frequently, it can damage the hair cuticle and lead to a rough hair texture.

4. Stress

There is one thing we often ignore, and that's the stress on the hair. For example, strong brushing and tight ponytails can add stress to the hair and cause hair shedding.

How To Soften Synthetic Wigs Again?

Synthetic wigs can dry out after some time and end up looking dull and stiff. There are ways you can soften your synthetic wigs to make them look more natural and new.


1. Prepare Solution With Cold Water And Softener And Cleaner

As we mentioned earlier, high heat can damage the your synthetic wigs and make them rough, so they need to be washed with cold water.

First, brush your wig lightly with a wide-toothed comb to remove all tangles. If it has tight curls, use your fingers to untie them to prevent shedding. Then prepare a basin of cold water and add a cup of fabric softener, which will make your hair become smooth and soft and add shine to your wig. Until then, double-check the softener ingredients to avoid harsh chemicals damaging the wig's hair. In addition, to remove the dust adhering to the wig, you also need to add some mild cleaner in the cold water.

2. Soak Your Synthetic Wig In The Solution

After you're ready for the cold solution with the cleaner and softener, soak your wig in the solution for a few hours or overnight, leaving enough time for your wig to react with the solution. The solution will rock its working in these hours and you will see amazing results in the end.

3. Gently Dry Your Synthetic Wig

After you take your wig out of the solution, all the rest is to dry it. This step can be done by using a soft towel and a hair dryer. Wrap the wig in a towel so that it absorbs excess moisture from the wig. Remember, never rub your wig too hard, as it can damage the hair and make it less smooth. Then place it on a wig stand to dry it naturally. If you don't have enough time, you can choose to dry it with a hair dryer, but remember to turn the heat down.


Wigs are important and delicate, so they need your careful care. Especially your synthetic hair wig. We have told you all the steps of how to soften your synthetic hair wig and it is your duty to follow them. Taking good care of your wig isn't a tough task for you, right? I hope every girl can get amazing hair and enough confidence. Give all the love and care to your synthetic hair wigs to make them soft and silky.