In the world of hair colors, there's a shade that effortlessly blends sophistication and warmth, capturing attention with its timeless appeal, which is hazelnut. Hazelnut hair color has become a popular choice among those seeking a subtle yet striking transformation. This warm, rich hue adds depth and dimension to your locks, offering a versatile and universally flattering option that suits various skin tones and styles. Let's delve into the allure of hazelnut hair color and why it has become a go-to choice for many.

What is hazelnut hair color?

What is hazelnut hair color?

Hazelnut hair color falls somewhere between brown and blonde, showcasing a spectrum of warm, caramel tones reminiscent of the delicious nut it is named after. It brings out the natural warmth in your complexion while infusing a touch of sophistication into your overall look. The key to its charm lies in its ability to provide a subtle change that feels both fresh and familiar.

What is hazelnut hair color?

What are the different ideas of hazelnut hair color?

Hazelnut hair color is a versatile and beautiful option that allows for various interpretations, ranging from subtle blends to more pronounced contrasts. Here are some ideas for hazelnut hair color.

1. Golden hazelnut hair color

What are the different ideas of hazelnut hair color?

Infuse golden undertones into your hazelnut hair color for a sun-kissed and radiant appearance. This variation adds a touch of brightness and warmth to the overall hue.

2. Caramel hazelnut hair color

What are the different ideas of hazelnut hair color?

Introduce caramel highlights or lowlights to your hazelnut base for a rich and indulgent result. This option enhances dimension and depth, giving your hair a delectable caramel-infused look.

3. Hazelnut Ombre

What are the different ideas of hazelnut hair color?

Create a gradient effect by incorporating hazelnut tones into your hair, starting darker at the roots and gradually transitioning to a lighter hazelnut shade towards the ends. This ombre style adds visual interest and movement.

4. Balayage hazelnut hair

What are the different ideas of hazelnut hair color?

Opt for a Balayage technique to achieve a natural, sun-kissed effect. This hand-painted method allows for a soft and blended transition between your natural color and the hazelnut tones.

5. Hazelnut with honey highlights

What are the different ideas of hazelnut hair color?

Enhance your hazelnut hair color with honey-toned highlights. This combination creates a warm and luminous effect, mimicking the sun's gentle touch on your hair.

6. Ashen hazelnut hair color

What are the different ideas of hazelnut hair color?

For a cooler undertone, consider incorporating ashy or cool brown tones into your hazelnut color. This variation provides a modern twist on the classic warmth of hazelnut.

What are the different ideas of hazelnut hair color?

How do you mix hazelnut hair color?

Creating the perfect hazelnut hair color involves blending various tones to achieve a warm and rich hue. While it's often recommended to seek the expertise of a professional colorist for precise results, you can also attempt a DIY approach with caution. Here's a basic guide on how to mix hazelnut hair color.

How do you mix hazelnut hair color?

1. Select the base color

Start with a base color that is close to your desired hazelnut shade. A medium to light brown or a dark blonde can serve as a good starting point.

2. Choose complementary tones

Hazelnut hair color typically includes a mix of warm brown and subtle blonde tones. Consider incorporating golden, caramel, or honey tones into your mixture to achieve the desired warmth.

3. Materials needed

Hair color in your chosen base shade
Warm brown hair dye or toner
Blonde hair dye or toner (choose a shade slightly lighter than your base)
Developer (the strength will depend on the specific hair dye brands you are using)
Mixing bowl
Applicator brush
Plastic gloves
Old shirt or towel to protect your clothing

4. Mixing process

Follow the instructions provided with your chosen hair dye products regarding the ratio of dye to developer. This is typically specified on the packaging.
In a mixing bowl, combine the base color with warm brown and blonde tones. Adjust the amounts based on the level of warmth you want in your hazelnut shade.
Mix the colors thoroughly until you achieve a consistent blend.

5. Strand test

Before applying the mixture to your entire head, perform a strand test to check the color result. This will help you gauge the outcome and make adjustments if needed.

6. Application

Section your hair and apply the hazelnut color mixture evenly, using an applicator brush.
Ensure complete coverage, and follow the recommended processing time provided by the hair dye manufacturer.

7. Rinse and condition

Once the processing time is complete, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.
Apply a color-safe conditioner to moisturize and lock in the color.

8. Post-color care

Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to maintain the vibrancy of your hazelnut hair color.
Limit exposure to excessive sunlight and heat styling to prevent premature fading.


Hazelnut hair color is more than just a trend; it's a timeless and sophisticated choice that enhances your natural beauty. With its universal appeal, low-maintenance nature, and styling versatility, hazelnut hair color is a wonderful option for those seeking an elegant and understated transformation. Embrace the warmth and richness of hazelnut, and let your hair speak volumes about your timeless sense of style.