Whether you're looking for a way to tame your wild head of the bed or add some volume to flat, unwashed hair, the waterfall braids hairstyle is an easy upgrade that's both elegant and interesting. This timeless hairstyle is a quick and easy option for any occasion, read on as I tell you how to make a waterfall braid at home. 

waterfall braids hairstyle

How to do waterfall braids?

Even if you're a beginner in DIY braided hairstyles, once you see my waterfall braid tutorial, you'll find it's much easier than it looks. You don't have to be a professional stylist to beautify your hair and look gorgeous for any occasion.

1. Part your hair and spray mousse

How to do waterfall braids?

In the beginning, apply mousse or styling gel to your dry hair to help secure your braid. And then, you need to part your hair. Divide the first part of your hair into three. You can run two fingers through this section of hair to create three equally sized-pieces of hair.

2. Start braiding your hair

Start braiding your hair

Use the three-strand braid technique to braid the first section of hair. Grab a two-inch piece of hair in front of your head and divide it into three equal sections. Then, cross the left and right parts of your hair in the middle, like you would in a French braid. This is where the waterfall technique comes in. Instead of continuing to braid, lower your right strand and replace it with new hair from the roots. Thread the new strand through the middle section, and then repeat with the left strand.

3. Keep braiding your hair

Keep braiding your hair

Continue this step, and finally, make the regular three-strand braids, secure them with clear elastic, and staple it to the underside of the waterfall braids. Then spray more hair spray on the mid-shaft and ends for a more modern look and feel. The casual elegance of waterfall braids can take you anywhere from the beach too or outdoor wedding style. Make sure you take lots of selfies!

What are the best waterfall braids hairstyles for everyone?

The waterfall braid is a style that allows you to weave a circular, horizontal, or diagonal braid over loose strands of hair that flow through like a real waterfall. You can wear it as easily for everyday activities, such as office meetings, as you would for formal events. Whether it's long hair or short hair, blond hair or dark hair, this hairstyle looks beautiful on every woman. Here are a few different styles of waterfall braids that will be popular in 2023 that you can check out.

What are the best waterfall braids hairstyles for everyone?

1. Waterfall Updo hairstyle

When you have an upcoming black tie event, having your hair pinned up is a losing option. Waterfall braids add elegance to your formal hairstyle. Let a small strand of hair hang around both ears for an extra fancy effect. If you choose this style on your wedding day, the braided hair will flatter the veil beautifully.

2. Side waterfall braid

The styling of the waterfall braids and long streamlined waves you see in the photos is so girly and cute! The flannel shirt makes it more casual, even homey. But don't assume that these braids are just for everyday use. It can also be worn with evening dresses.

3. Curled waterfall style with highlights

Let your curls layer over your back. This curled waterfall style with highlights is not only fashionable but also practical. The curled waterfall style with highlights can hold your hair in place and tame your flying hair, just like a headband. Only the headbands aren't as cute as these locks. It looked good, with vats of curly hair and ready for a long night.

4. Shoulder-length cut with waterfall braids

The beauty of waterfall cuts is that they work with any length of hair. Whether you have long or short hair, it's a modern way to liven up your look. Moreover, the effect of weaving is sure to attract plenty of compliments. In fact, thanks to two rows of braids, you can expect twice as many compliments. Believe me, the shoulder-length cut with waterfall braids is your best choice for summer.

5. Chunky braided waterfall

If you want a casual look, but not too casual, the chunky braided waterfall
hairstyle is always a top choice. However, change it up with Braided Falls. It keeps your hair away from your face while letting your wavy hair flow. This chunky braided waterfall hairstyle is romantic for a date night but laid-back enough to hang out with friends.


When you need a quick way to elevate your daily look or a total glamour moment, the waterfall braid is a sure winner. This style can be applied to medium to extra-long strands and many different textures.