The donut bun is a versatile bun style that takes no more than five minutes to wear. This hairstyle has become a favorite for many girls, and you can find a donut bun hairstyle to suit any mood, season, occasion, or personality. In addition, it goes extremely well with any outfit, whether it's flowing robes, statement pantsuits, or casual jeans and sweatshirts. In this article, I will show you how to make your own donut bun hairstyle at home.

donut bun hairstyle

Who is best for donut bun hairstyle?

Anyone can try this hairstyle if you like, and you can use the donut bun to match almost any other hairstyle or outfit. However, this hairstyle can be perfected for certain groups of people.

1. Straight and thin hair is best for a donut bun

Who is best for donut bun hairstyle?

Donut buns are great for almost all hair types. However, if your hair is very frizzy or heavy, use some hairspray to fix your hair first. On the other hand, the donut bun is great for those with smooth straight, and thin hair, as it adds volume and texture to the style. If you have thick hair, you can also get this hairstyle.

2. Oval faces are best for hair bun donuts

Oval faces are best for hair bun donuts

A donut bun looks great on an oval face because it draws out the cheekbones and emphasizes your features. Make sure to brush your hair before tying it in a donut bun to prevent damage and breakage. If you have an oval face, the donut bun may be your best choice.

How to do donut bun at home?

You can use a few headbands to create a looser, more casual bun. With just a few simple steps, you can shape a beautiful donut bun, perfect for everyday wear or a night out. Here are the steps to make a donut bun.

How to do donut bun at home?

1. Wash your hair

You need to use clean, stretchy hair for a donut bun that looks best. So you need to wash your hair before making donut bun. You can also spray your roots with a refreshing dry shampoo. After you wash your hair, use a flat brush with natural hair to comb your ponytail. Starting at the bottom a few inches, gently push the hair toward the bottom, moving it up and repeating to create a fluffy mass. Then gently smooth the top surface with the tip of the brush. This will help make it easier to handle and add more volume to your donut bun.

2. Wear your hair in a high ponytail

Pull all the hair together and brush it neatly with a tail comb. Push all the hair back and tie it into a neat ponytail. Tie it with a rubber band. This is a basic, neat flight attendant bun, but the degree of uniformity really depends on the style you want to do. If you want a messy look, or if you want a French braid on the front, you'll need to make space for it before you start doing the bun. If you want to put your bun on the side, you'll have to create your ponytail accordingly.

3. Insert the donut model into the ponytail

Pull the ponytail through the hole in the donut. Make sure all of the hair goes through the hole. Place your donut model at the bottom of the ponytail and spread the ponytail hair completely around the bun, hiding it under your hair. Use your fingers to slide the hair under and around the donut, pushing it in the same direction and twisting it around itself. When you run out of hair, use a few bobby pins to secure your bun. Then, gently push it to the side and hide it under the bun. Do a few of these movements around the bun until it feels safe.

4. Style your entire hairstyle

Hold your bun in place with bobby pins and hairspray. If the donut seems a little loose, staple it to your head with a few bobby pins. Use a firm hairspray to prevent your hair from becoming messy. If you want to adjust it, you can stick all the hair up and not leave any debris around your face to keep it more professional. Actually, the donut bun is easy to do, just three main steps, you can get a unique hairstyle to add your beauty.


Sometimes, a quick messy bun isn't enough when you're looking for something slick, easy, and simple, the donut bun look is definitely a go-to one. This simple twist on the classic updo makes it fun and quirky. Try this variation of the donut bun with your casual outfit when hanging out with friends in the summer. You can add some cute bobby pins on the side to enhance the look.