Do you buy wigs frequently? We all know that popular hairstyles and hair colors change almost all the time. Perhaps your wig has just arrived and the most popular styles have changed, what should you do? Dyed wigs are a popular way to keep yourself on the cutting edge of fashion hair colors. Unfortunately, in the process of dyeing your wig, it is possible to ruin the lace of your wig, if you want to know how to dye your wig without staining the lace, don't miss this article.

lace front wig

What are the best wigs for dyeing?

In fact, not all wigs can be dyed, and dyeing a wig in the wrong way is a big mistake and can be costly.
It is best to choose virgin wigs for dyeing because they are not processed and can easily accept hair dye. I strongly recommend against dyeing a black wig, as it is difficult to show any color. human hair wig

The 613 blonde wig is also a good choice. You can dye a 613 blonde wig any color you can think of. This is because it is the lightest and most common wig color. So you don't need to pre-lighten your hair to get the dye of your choice to work.613 blonde wig

After determining that your wig is suitable for dyeing, you can begin the dyeing process without bleaching your wig before dyeing. Bleach is harsher than dye and is likely to damage your wig. Generally speaking, wigs are processed to some extent before they are sold, meaning the hair may have been damaged.

How to choose a dye color for your wig?

Choosing a hair color can be a headache. The most important thing is not to choose a quirky color. If your wig is black, then pink is not a good idea. Secondly, you should consider your skin tone. If the new color conflicts with your skin tone, your results may not look good.

1. Warm skin tones

For skin with a warm yellow or blonde undertone, shades like platinum, honey blonde, and chocolate are good.

2. Cool skin tones

Shades like blonde brown, amber, and brownish-black are a great addition to cool blue or pink skin.

3. Neutral skin tones

For neutral-toned skin, look for red, blue-black, or dark brown.
Ultimately, the color you choose is entirely up to you, and it's always fun to experiment with vibrant, eclectic colors. So it's not the end of the world if you want to try a color that isn't universally considered to suit your skin tone. You may find that you absolutely love the results.

How to dye a wig without damaging the lace?

There are three steps to preparing a wig for dyeing: You need to wash it, dry it, and comb it smoothly. Wash the wig as you normally would. Do not condition the wig, which can create a barrier between the hair and the dye and negatively affect your results. Air drying is the gentler way to dry a wig. The way to comb a wig is as simple as brushing it from head to tail. To avoid pulling at the roots, tighten the mid-length and ends as you comb them with one hand.

Step1. Protect wig lace

use Vaseline to protect the lace from staining

If you don't want to stain the lace, you can use Vaseline to protect the lace from staining. Tie a plastic bag to your mannequin's head, turn your wig inside out, and place it on the mannequin's head. Use a T-pin to attach the wig to the model's head. Apply some Vaseline to the lace and press it down. You only need a thin layer. Do not apply Vaseline to the fabric of the wig. Then proceed with the following dyeing process.

Step2 Mix the dye

Mix the dye

For semi-permanent hair dye, you don't need to mix the dye with the developer or any other product. But for permanent hair dye, you'll need to mix the color with the developer (10, 20, or 30) according to the directions on the dye package. Always wear gloves during this step.

Step3. Apply dye to your wig

Apply dye to your wig

Divide the wig into four to six equal parts. Use gloved hands to apply the dye to your hair. Use a small brush to bring the dye as close to the lace as possible without actually touching it. You should try not to get dye on the lace, although you have taken precautions to prevent it from getting stained

Step4. Dry the wig

Dry the wig

To dry a wig, first, dry it with a microfiber towel. Then dry on a mannequin head or outdoors. After the wig has been thoroughly painted, you can wash it with cold water, dry or blow dry the painted wig, and then you can put on the wig and create the style you like.


Stained lace can ruin your overall look and leave you with an unnatural result. If you're sure you're going to dye a lace wig at home, be sure to read this article in its entirety to reduce your chances of a wig disaster. This article will help you dye the perfect wig without ruining your lace.