Can you dye a wig? Here, in the video, Simone Sharice will guide you on how to dye a human hair wig. Just keep reading.

Hey guys! I'm Simone Sharice. Today in this video I'm gonna be showing you guys how to get this ultra violet-looking color. So what ended up happening is so two things: one I started dyeing the hair with purple rage and it was posted to only be color 116 right? So what happened was that I got a little lazy towards the end. I did not dry the hair when it was time to put the ultraviolet on, and I had to go back in and add some more hair color right.

So I only bought two bottles of ultraviolet. She's all I needed really. But because I had to go back in again and dye on the roots cook there were little brownish, I had to add some African violet that's kind of why you might see. Like a blueish kind of hue kind of thing going on.

long hair wig

But there's no glue my hair. It's all violet for some reason and the camera is looking very bluish. But it' not to achieve this nice bouncy look. I just use a blow dryer. It's no flat iron no curling iron no flex rods. There's a straight-up blow dryer so that's kind of why it has this like really bouncy look. I did go ahead and layer it as you can see and,  um yeah, so that was it I made them with myself. The hair was provided by an adult.

Here I only use two and a half bundles. They sent me four so all I needed was two. I would recommend the reason why I'm using my hair looks so natural and so realistic. it's because I only really use two and a half bundles, if I would have used the entire thing right he would be so sick, and it would just look it would be too much. But with this, it's very manageable. He's very light and it looks full. To be honest, um this is a frontal ear to ear.

wig with baby hair

 I did create a little bit of baby hair. I showed you how that look with baby hair. I don't have much to say really. I mean everything is self-explanatory. I tried to be as specific and as easy as possible with this video. So it was really easy and really simple. To be honest it just takes a lot of time because I inherit take time. So I'll just keep that in mind when you're about to go ahead. But this color is so nice as I turned heads at the supermarket.

Okay, like everyone loves his hair color and just cut it starting to flip up a little bit, because I mean I didn't wrap it last night. But yeah, this is the result of everyone. Because my real hair is not awake and you did see me put it up in the ponytail previously. If you follow me guys. First of all, follow me on Snapchat cuz.

If you follow me on Snapchat you would have seen this entire hairstyle already. You would have seen me put it in the ponytail, you would have seen me style it and you would have seen me do a little bit more so definitely. Follow me on Snapchat also follow me on Instagram. Because I am showing you guys the hair cell on Instagram as well. And also keep up with me on Twitter. So it's all those three. If you guys want to see what I'm doing before I do it, um the next color is gonna be a cute color.

human hair wig for sale

So I'm excited about some things about the hair that I think you guys should know. What's important is I honestly had no issues with it like literally. So I dyed it and bleached it twice. I didn't want to go dye three times how would it dive it three times? The color would have been much brighter and I loved having color. But I love it being subtle at the same time that's kind of why I came up. I did this hair color where it's like it's purple. You can tell us purple but it's not like in-your-face purple. Okay um, the hair, first of all,

 I was amazed at the frontal front tool was I bleached the nuts.  I did tweeze it myself. Yes, but it was like it had like this weird wave to it the hair came straight. But it had like a weird way to it. That was very pretty I just thought it air-dry. Most of the time the only time I do blow-dry and put heat on it is when I was going ahead and styling this. But other than that everything else was just straight-up air drying and like it just had a nice way to it. The hair was soft.

purple human hair wig

 I haven't experienced any shedding. But there's no shutting with this head you just say everything in sheds. But um this one I have not a hair strand anything that came out like while I was even going through the process. It worked very well with dying so that's last quiet and that's workable with dye. Let the frontal mostly yes so that was it as far as this video this is ahead us is the result. Guys want a more detailed video on how I use my hot comb. Let me know.

But I honestly achieved this entire thing by both trying.  I just added a hot comb towards the end just for fun. But I just did everything doodle trying, so will dry is my friend. This is the result thanks you guys for watching this video. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel.