Have you ever had such an experience? The occasional odor while wearing a wig can ruin your mood and make you embarrassed at a party. If you have experienced it, then you need to pay attention to it; if you have never had the same experience, you can also start to prevent it from now on. Today we're going to tell you what causes your wig to smell bad and how to deal with the odor in this blog post.

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Why Does Your Wig Have Smell?

There are a variety of reasons that make a wig smelly. Some are brought by the production process, some are caused by the later wearing and care process, we will list them all for you today.

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1. The Production Process

In the process of producing wigs, in order to achieve a certain color or texture, the hair needs to go through many processing steps. In this process, some chemical agents are needed, as well as some hair-processing fragrances. So most new wigs have some flavor of their own. These tend to not smell exactly the same and will vary depending on the wig manufacturer's desired outcome.

2. Surroundings Smell

If you are in the same environment for a long time, or in an environment with a strong smell, your clothes will have a residual smell. Hair is no exception. Smoke, kitchen fumes, dust in the air, air fresheners, and incense, all of them can get into our wigs. After you've worn the wig all day, it may have retained multiple scents that blended together to create a strange smell. The longer you wear it, the more odor it will build up, and the more likely it will create a strange smell.

3. Not Washed In Time

When we wear a wig for a long time, the wig will accumulate a lot of dust and grease, just like our own hair. If you don’t wash it in time, the hair will give off some strange smells.

4. Not Proper Storage

Many people don't store their wigs properly after washing them. If the wig is placed in a poorly ventilated or humid environment, the wig will have a musty smell. Therefore, the storage of wigs is also a very important part.

How To Prevent Your Wig From Smelling?

It is not difficult to remove the smell of a wig. Wig care is very similar to our natural hair care. Therefore, removing odor is based on cleaning and nursing methods. We have some pretty nifty formulas to fully remove odors from your wig.

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1. Make Sure Your Wig Is Completely Dry

Whether you are preparing to put your wig on or store your wig, you must make sure that your wig is completely dry. If you wear your wig while it's wet, not only will your wig smell bad, but it will also make your scalp feel uncomfortable in a damp environment. And if you store your wig that's not completely dry, it will get moldy.

2. Air Dry Your Wig

When you have cleaned your wig, if weather permitting, dry your wig outside. On a sunny day, secure your wig on a clothesline or put your wig on a wig stand to allow them to dry naturally. With this method, the residual smell will also dissipate in the wind, and you will have a beautiful and fresh wig.

3. Wear a Hat Or Wrap Your Hair

If you are in a scented environment, then you can consider wearing a hat or wrapping your hair with a silk scarf. Such as in the kitchen, or a room full of smoke, etc. This will help keep your hair out of weird smells.

4. Use Wig-Specific Shampoo

Even though your wig is made from human hair, it's still different from our natural hair because they don't have the protection of the scalp. So we recommend that you choose a dedicated shampoo. In this way, it can give deep condition when deep cleaning the wig, but don't wash it too frequently, once a week is enough. In summer, if you feel uncomfortable, then you can wash it after two to three days of wearing it.

5. Use Scented Sprays

If your hair smells bad and you can't change a wig right away, you can always bring a scented spray with you. In addition to adding fragrance to your hair, they can also add shine to your wig. You can choose the brand and fragrance according to your preference.

6. Use Baking Soda On Your Wig

Baking Soda is ideal for neutralizing odors and will make your wig softer. Either add a teaspoon of the soda to your wig-washing mixture (see above) or fully dilute a few teaspoons in a basin and leave the wig to soak for 10-30 minutes. Then rinse out the soda with cold water and complete a full wash of your wig to ensure all chalky residue is removed.

7. Apply The Apple Cider Vinegar Solution

Using apple cider vinegar is a great way to remove and mask the smell of a wig. Just pour water into the basin, add apple cider vinegar and stir, then soak the wig in the basin. Then take it out, rinse it off, and let it dry naturally.

8. Wash Your Pillow And Hair Brush

Remember to wash your pillows and combs in time. Because after using it for a long time, dust and grease will accumulate. And they are the necessities that often touch our wigs. This is also an important factor that makes our wigs smell.

9. Store Your Wig Properly

After washing your wig, make sure it is completely dry. Also, ensure that your storage place is dry and ventilated, otherwise, your wig will be moldy and smelly due to the humid environment. You can also store it in silk bags or just put it on a wig stand.


We all want our wigs to have a longer lifespan. We use wigs for a more satisfying look. So please don't neglect the maintenance of your wig. I believe a strange smell is definitely not what you want. Today we introduce four main causes of odor and nine ways to eliminate it. Do you have any other tips for removing odor? Welcome to share with us in the comments section.