Boho style braids are always more attractive in summer. As one of the hairstyles in the boho style braid- boho rope twist hairstyle is also a popular fashion hairstyle, it is very suitable to wear on any occasion, this hairstyle can also show your own unique style. Combining bohemian vibes with romantic braid details, it can bring you a different kind of charm and make you look more charming. In this blog you can read more about boho rope twist and how to finish boho rope twist perfectly.

boho rope twist

1. Products for Style

As with any hairstyle, it is very important to have all the supplies needed before starting. In order to make boho rope twist, you need to prepare a rat tail comb, a crochet hook, a baby hair brush, several large hairpins, some black rubber bands, Shine N Jam (extra hold), a bottle of mousse, pre-stretched braiding hair, hair bundles (you can choose human hair bundles or synthetic Hair). If you are looking for high quality and long-lasting durability, it is recommended to choose Nadula human hair bundles. There are a variety of textures and styles for you to choose from, and the quality is guaranteed.

2. How to Finish The Boho Rope Twist?

Step 1: Make sure your hair is clean and smooth. Before starting to create boho rope twist, you need to clean your hair first, use a hair dryer or air-dry your hair, and then comb your hair with a comb to make the hair smooth, which will not only facilitate the next step, but also help to make the hairstyle last longer.

Step 2: Part the hair and use shine n jam. Part the hair in the middle first, then select the hair on one side to start, use rat tail comb to take out a part of the hair above the ear (about one-third of the total amount on one side) and fix it with a large hairpin, and the hair on the other side is also do the same steps. Then apply shine n jam on every part line of your hair, this will help detangle split ends, tame stray hairs and help you get a good grip to help hold unwanted hair in place.

rope braid

Step 3: Reserve the baby hair. Use a comb to comb out the baby hair you need, and then tie it up with a small rubber band.

Step 4: Braiding boho rope twist. Take off the large bobby pin on one side and divide this section of hair into 3 parts evenly. Carefully separate the horizontal lines of each section of hair with a rat tail, keeping them as straight as possible. In the process of splitting and weaving, you can use shine n jam according to your needs. Divide the first and second sections of the tress into two vertical sections, leaving the third section of hair untouched, then secure the hair in these five areas with rubber bands. Next start doing the boho rope braid. Starting with the third section of hair near the ear, crochet the prepared strands into the third section of hair and blend with it. Take a small section of hair to wrap and cover the elastic, then part the hair evenly into two strands. Twist the two strands of hair in the same direction until they are tightly intertwined. This spinning action is somewhat similar to the twisting of a rope, hence the name "braid". When you have braided to about a few centimeters from the scalp, add a strand of pre-stretched braided hair into it, braiding half into the rope twist and leaving the other half out. This is an essential part of creating a boho look. You can gradually add more hair downwards. . Then continue to braid the twine twist, and continue to add hair bundles according to the length you like, which will make the braid look more full and natural, and finally you have a perfect bohemian rope braid. Each boho rope braid will be braided the same way, so repeat the above steps for the other pinned hair and the hair on the other side, thus completing the previous braid.

rope twist

For the rest of the hair at the back, first divide it into two parts horizontally, and then divide them into three parts vertically. Finally, you can get 6 small parts of hair, and then tie them tightly with elastic rubber bands. Then follow the boho rope braid method mentioned above to finish each section of the braid, remembering to keep your braids tight and organized so your hairstyle lasts longer. Of course, you can also decide how to divide the number of hair and braids according to your own design and needs. Doing this hairstyle does take time and patience, so you must be mentally prepared in advance, but the effect after completion will definitely satisfy you.

Step 5: Perfect finish for baby hair styling. Use small combs and brushes to comb and design baby hair to make the whole shape look more attractive and finally get a perfect final look.

Step 6: Decorate. Now, you have your boho rope twist hairstyle done. You can optionally use some hairspray to hold the whole hairstyle and keep the hair from messing around. If you like extra decorations, you can add a touch of romance and sophistication by adding a wreath or headband.


The process of finishing boho braided hair accessories can take some practice and patience. But, once you master this trick, you can show off unique and elegant style anytime, anywhere. Try different variations and hairstyles and let this hair accessory become a highlight of your everyday look. Whether it's for a party, wedding, or formal occasion, a boho braided hair accessory will set you apart. Have fun with hair styling!