If you are a frequent wig buyer, then I think you have already known that a lace wig is not cheap, and the larger the area of the lace part, the higher the price. Also as human hair products, hair weaves are more affordable than lace wigs. If you want a lace wig but are unable to achieve it due to the limited budget, this blog will help you! We will detail how to make a frontal lace wig with a quick weave by yourself.

Before you start your steps to make a lace wig, there is What You Need: Glue, a 13x4 lace closure, a quick weave, a canvas head, and a plastic bag

frontal and quick weaves

1. Cover the canvas head with a plastic bag

Before dealing with the lace closure and quick weaves, use a plastic bag to cover your canvas head. Of course, you can also wrap a shower cap or whatever is available, but a plastic bag was easier, which is to prevent the glue that will be used next from getting on your canvas head. After all, the canvas head is something that can be used for a very long time. If too much glue is on it will be difficult to clean.

2. Put a wig cap on

After covering a plastic bag, put a wig cap on your canvas head. This is the base of this lace wig. You can choose the color and material you like, it's all up to you.

3. Stick the lace closure

To handle this process easier, you can braid the closure hair into the left and the right two braids to avoid the hair from getting glued on. Then you can choose any glue, for example, pro 30 seconds bond glue, to stick it on the top of the wig cap.

Now, try to decide where you want the closure to hold down, and then line the base of the frontal where the thicker portion of the fabric is, that's exactly where you should put the glue. Find the middle of the frontal and then find the tips of the frontal where the thicker portion of that lace was and then just match it up with the sides of the frontal.

Next, let the glue air dry before applying it. If you get tired of the glue and moving around and stuff, I introduced a blow-dryer. Don't use high heat but use it on cool because warm heat is going to warm up the glue so you don't want that.  

long wig

4. Measure and cut the quick weave

When you're getting ready to line up the tracks, you should measure the length out and cut it with scissors. Make sure the weave will not be too short to cover the line of your head.

5. Apply glue on the weaves and hold them on the cap

Apply the glue on the tracks of the weaves and then stick them to the cap. Make sure to bring the tracks all the way as close as you can get to the edge of the frontal. So you cannot overlap the frontal but make sure to get it as close as possible so that it almost falls into like a waterfall. Every track that you use goes up it starts to over via the previous one. this is a super easy step. Remember that: make sure the last weave is firmly glued to the cap before starting the next one.

6. Deal with the last U part

When you get to the center of the top of the head, there will be a smaller and smaller U-shaped blank space, you need to cut the weave into very small sizes, about an inch and a half to two inches, and stick one by one along this U-shaped on the cap. And cover a weave of about 2 inches at the end and you're done.

curly wig


After finishing the above steps, you will get a lace wig. And if you are searching for high-quality human hair weaves and frontal, Nadula is a reliable supplier. Compared with purchasing human hair wigs, frontal and weaves are more affordable. We advise that you can try to make one at home, this will help you save a lot of money.

long headband wig

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