Whether you want to go back to your natural colors or are ready for a whole new hairstyle. Bleach bath hair is a good option. It's gentler and kinder to your hair than the usual chemical treatments at beauty salons. So, what is a bleach bath? Can bleach baths harm hair? How to make bleach bath hair?

What is a bleach bath?

Bleach shampoo or bleach bath is a hair treatment that involves soaking your hair in hair-diluted bleach to strip the color from the strands. The bleach bath is a blend-designed method to tone down or remove hair color and is great for removing color while maintaining the integrity of your hair. This is a great option if you want to keep your hair strands intact. The bleach bath provides good protection for your hair. At the same time, it strips away the color.

In fact, the bleach bath may not be as effective as the normal bleaching process, but they are less damaging to hair. If you have thin hair, this minimal bleaching action works well for the effect you're trying to achieve.

How to prepare a bleach bath at home?

If the thought of toning down your hair scares you, or you're worried about your ability to use the product properly, then a bleach bath is a good option because it's less likely to cause noticeable irritation or lead to uneven results. This is the ideal way to become more comfortable bleaching your hair at home.

1. Before making a bleach bath, get an allergy test

Before making a bleach bath, get an allergy test

If this is your first time using a bleach bath, the allergy test is a must to avoid any adverse reactions. At first, dip a cotton ball in the developer and bleach and dab it on your hand. If your skin turns red or starts to itch, you are most likely allergic to bleach. On the contrary, you can do the bleach bath. The allergy test is an important step, you cannot ignore.

2. Mix the bleach, developer, and shampoo in a bowl

Mix the bleach, developer, and shampoo in a bowl

You first need to mix the bleach and developer together in a bowl, then add shampoo to the bleach mixture and finally mix it all together with a hair dye brush. The shampoo will weaken the bleach. You can choose mild shampoo for better results.

3. Wet your hair with cool or warm water

Wet your hair with cool or warm water

Before applying the mixture to your hair, you would better wet your hair with cool or warm water. This mixture is best used on damp hair. Unlike hair dye, you need to dry your hair first. Wet your hair. Then use a towel to wipe off any excess water and keep your hair moist. This process will take some time, and you may need a little patience.

4. Start applying bleach to your hair

Start applying bleach to your hair

When applying bleach, start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Once you've finished working your way from root to tip, apply the remaining mixture to your hair as you would shampoo it in the shower. Make sure to soak each strand of hair in the solution.

5. Secure your bleach bath hair with tongs

Secure your bleach bath hair with tongs

After applying the mixture to your hair, you need to pin your hair up and put on a shower cap. This will prevent the solution from dripping. Check your hair color every 5 minutes. For light hair, let the mixture sit for 7 to 10 minutes. If you want to remove the dark permanent hair dye color, take 10 to 15 minutes. This can be extended to 30 minutes if needed. For black hair, If you're using a 30 to 40-strength dose sensor developer, don't leave the mixture for more than 10 minutes. Once you've achieved the desired lift, wash your hair with warm water.


In recent years, bleach baths are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to tone down hair and remove color. Bleaching your hair is an injury and an intensive process that can leave your hair feeling brittle and dry. No matter what method you use, you need to take good care of your hair after bleaching.
• Use leave-in conditioners, serums, and hair masks frequently, which can prevent dry hair.
• Avoid using straighteners, hair dryers, and curlers for a few days after the bleaching process, as freshly bleached hair is more likely to be damaged by using heat tools.
• Condition your bleach bath hair every time you wash it and deep condition it every two weeks to restore lost moisture.
• Apply a heat protectant spray or serum to your hair before using any heat styling tools to prevent heat damage.