Many women like to wear human hair wigs because human hair wigs have not only various styles and colours but also have different lengths and hairstyles, which can improve the charm of women and can facilitate wig lovers to change hairstyles in time. But about wearing a wig, a lot of people don't know how to wear a wig or don't know how to make the wig looks more natural, some people will find a stylist to help them wear a wig, but the cost is not cheap, for wig lovers or beginners, wear the wig by themselves also is a good way, and it is very convenient.

Whether your hair is long, short, or less hair, a wig can immediately add charm to your appearance, and the human hair lace wig is the most common type. If you want to change your hairstyle but do not want to damage your natural hair, you can wear a wig instead of colouring, straightening, or stressing your hair. In addition, human hair lace wigs can last longer than synthetic wigs and look more natural. Choose to wear the human hair lace wigs. The first two confusions will disappear. This post will tell you how to install your human hair lace wig and make a natural look step by step, saving you some costs and reducing the damage of going to the salon.

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1. Get The Necessary Products And Tools Ready

Before you wear the wig, please ensure that you prepare the products and tools you need to use to install your wig smoothly.

• Human hair wig

• Fine toothed comb

• Scissors or pinking shears

• Scalp protector

• Flatirons or curling wands

• Liquid adhesive, wig tape or glue

• Adhesive application brush

• Hair clips and bobby pins

• Blow dryer

• Wig cap

2. How To Install The Huaman Hair Lace Wig?

The following are several detailed steps to install your human hair lace wig like a stylist. Follow the guidance steps below. You can finish the breezy natural look easily.

2.1 Step1: Get Your Wig Ready

Your wig needs to be prepared well before you wear it. Wig preparation involves different processes, depending on whether the wig is new or old. If it is an old wig, you should clean and condition it before wearing it. You can avoid cleaning or conditioning if your wig is in good condition or new. Of course, it is also better if you are used to cleaning and conditioning your wig before wearing it. If you wear your wig very often, you should wash them at least once or twice a month.

2.2 Step2: Test The Fit Of The Wig And Trim The Excess Lace On The Edges

This is only for new wigs, and the lace has not been trimmed. If you are wearing a new wig, after the cleaning and conditioning, you need to test the fit of the wig. Just try to put it on your head and find the right place. Then you can start to trim the lace. Wear the wig and adjust it as you want, then use a few clips to pull the hair away from your face. Use sharp scissors and trim the extra lace carefully along your hairline. After trimming, place your wig aside on a wig stand or a flat surface.

2.3 Step3: Put On The Wig Cap

Pack hair into a ponytail and wrap it into a flat bun, then use bobby pins to hold the bun down or braid hair into cornrows. Then you can put on the wig cap, the primary purpose of putting your wig cap on is to help hold down and put the wig in place properly. A wig cap also helps flatten your hair better and keeps it all tucked under the wig.

2.4 Step4: Use Glue Or Adhesive To The Hairline

Use the brush to apply the glue onto the areas of your hairline where the wig will be attached. Then, blow-dry for a few seconds until the glue becomes tacky and apply your wig. You do not need to blow dry if you use a hair bond adhesive, apply your wig immediately.

2.5 Step5: Put On Your Wig Firmly

With the wig sitting on the back of your head, pull gently forward from the side while preventing the edges from sticking to the glue. Then check that the back of the wig covers your hair completely. Adjust again until you have matched the edges of the wig with your hairline. Finally, press the lace of the wig around the edge over the glue or wig tape using a fine-tooth comb. Ensure that there is no glue residue or wig tape visible.

2.6 Step6: Style Your Wig And Make It Natural

Styling and accessorizing are the simplest ways to make your human hair wig look natural. Design wig styling like natural hair as usual and use accessories. This will make you look natural and also make you comfortable. Use a flat iron to smooth down the top and the edges of your wig for a natural look. For a natural hairline look, ensure that the wig's middle aligns with your hair's middle. You can style any hairstyle you like.


If you don't know how to install a lace wig correctly, I hope this article can help you and make your wig-wearing experience easier.