Wigs are one of the most convenient ways to refresh our appearance without having to alter our hairstyle. Synthetic wigs, featuring an affordable price and the ability to hold a certain style, have received much favor from girls. While, when you wear the same synthetic wig for a long time, you may be tired of the hair look. Then changing color is the first method to get a new hair look. But unlike a human hair wig, it is more difficult to remove the color from synthetic wigs. Today we will teach you how to remove the color from synthetic wigs in detail in this blog.

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Can You Bleach Synthetic Hair?

Maybe you have heard this answer heaps of times: No. Everyone says you can’t bleach it. Actually, that makes sense because synthetic hair is more fragile than a human hair. Synthetic hair is easier to be broken when it is bleached or styled with heat tools, which is the reason why you should treat your synthetic wigs more carefully.

However, it does not mean you can’t remove the color from a synthetic wig at all. It still should be noted that it is impossible to bleach a black synthetic wig into the lightest blonde one. It can only be lighter because multiple bleaching will damage the hair strands and cause hair breakage. But if you want to dye a synthetic wig into a darker color, that is OK. And we suggest that you should never process your synthetic wig for the second time. Synthetic wigs are really fragile, everyone should keep them in mind.

Can You Bleach Synthetic Hair

What Will You Need To Remove Color From Synthetic Wig?

An old synthetic wig (to avoid the risk of ruining a new wig;

A bowl; a stirring brush and an applying brush;

A hairbrush;

Bleach powder;

A pair of gloves;

The cream peroxide 9%/30 vol;

Tin foil;

A dark bean bag or black nylon whatever

How To Remove Color From Synthetic Wig?

After preparing all the tools, you can start to remove the color from your synthetic wig. We will give you the detailed guide step by step below.

1. Do Some Preparation

First of all, wear gloves to protect your hands. Put three to four spoonfuls of powder into the bowl and add some creamy developer. Mix it with the tail of the stirring brush. If you think it is too thin or too thick, you can add some peroxide or powder. Next, brush your wig to remove the knots. Then put your wig on the flattened dark bean bag.

2. Apply The Mixture On The Hair

Apply the mixture on your wig evenly on the part where you want to remove the color. For example, if you want to make an ombre hair, then you should apply the mixture everywhere part from the top pots which are slightly applied. The next thing you're going to do is place it in the foil and wrap it around. Let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes, which depends on how you want the color to lift.

3. Rinse Out The Mixture

After leaving it for enough time, open the foil and take out the wig. Rinse out all the bleach with cold water, which is better to avoid heat damage. Then use the fabric softener to make your wig soft. Because when you lift a week it's definitely going to be a lot harder. Just add the fabric softer into the water and soak the wig for a while.

4. Dry It In The Air

Wrap your wig with a towel to absorb excess moisture. Then put the wig in the air to make it dry. You can deal with it the next morning. Do not use a blow dryer to dry it. Your synthetic wig should avoid any head damage. And if you have to dry it as fast as possible, turn down the temperature of the blow-dryer.

 Remove Color From Synthetic Wig

Tips For Protecting Bleached Synthetic Hair

1. Avoid using any heat tools to keep your synthetic wig from any heat damage.

2. Don’t wash your wig with hot water, cold or lukewarm water is better.

3. Wash your synthetic wig with the shampoo and conditioner exclusive for synthetic wigs to avoid diet buildup.

4. Use conditioning sprays meant for synthetic wigs to keep them shiny.

5. Use a wig brush to detangle the strands, and do not comb wet hair.


Removing color from your natural hair leaves it vulnerable to serious damage. While bleaching your synthetic wigs can release you from the stress of putting your hair at a risk. But you have to take care of your bleached synthetic wig very carefully. If you want to refresh your hair look, maybe getting a new wig is a better option.