Do you want to use an interesting color to quickly change your appearance? Hair chalk is one of the easiest ways to get a bright temporary color on your hair without any damage or bleaching. However, what is hair chalk? How should I use the hair chalk correctly? How long will the hair chalk last? This series of questions must be bothering you, don't worry, keep reading this article, you will know everything about hair chalk.

hair chalk

What is hair chalk?

Hair chalk is a temporary form of hair dye that does not use chemicals to lift or deposit pigment into the cortex of your hair. On the contrary, it just deposits rich pigments on the surface of your hair, temporarily changing color. A bit like temporary paint, it provides a strong color and can be used on wet or dry hair. While the hair chalk we're used to seeing tend to be bright or pastel colors, there are plenty of natural shades that can be used to mask new hair growth and blend roots. What is hair chalk?
Unlike hair dye, which penetrates into the cuticle of the hair, chalk simply deposits color on the hair. As a result, there's no damage to the hair, and the color washes out in a few washes, meaning that the hair chalk is a great way to test a color before going all out on the dye job, no commitment required so you can play around with color without worrying about damaging your hair or needing to grow a color if you hate it. How to use hair chalk?
While hair chalk used to be mostly neon and pink, the market has expanded rapidly, with thousands of shades available! This is a great way to try a temporary color on your hair to see if you like it before going for a permanent dye. All in all, hair chalk is an affordable and easy way to get creative with your hair. They come in a variety of colors, which means there's one for every occasion. Even better, they won't damage your hair like other hair dyes.

How to use hair chalk?

How to use hair chalk?

Due to the development of modern science, there are some different types of hair chalk in the market, including liquid, compact, rod, and spray. The application methods of different hair chalk formulations vary, but there are the following application steps that apply to basically all situations. When you use the hair chalk, you can accord to my tutorial.

Step1. Wash your hair thoroughly

Each product is applied differently, depending on the type of hair chalk. For best results, hair chalk should always be applied to clean hair. So first wash your hair thoroughly and then brush it. You can use most hair chalk on dry or wet hair, but keep it clean anyway. In fact, wet hair is easier to color and comes out more brightly. And you won't get easily broken hair pieces flying around.

Step2. Brush your hair

A comb is an essential item when you are using hair chalk to color your hair.
Before applying the hair chalk, you also need to brush your hair. Apply color to as many strands as possible. You may find that using a comb to separate wet hair works better. If you apply them to dry hair, just give them a good comb.

Step3. Apply hair chalk

It is the most important step, app hair chalk on your hair. Use the brush, sponge, or applicator in your chalk box of choice to apply chalk to wet hair. Always apply the sections of your hair from top to bottom to avoid damaging your hair shafts or breaking your hair. You'll find that some crayons are very breakable, and you'll need to apply them to your hair a few times before the color really starts to show. You can rub it into your hair strands to blur and smudge the color.

Step4. Dry your hair

Allow a little time for your color to set and dry, and then you're good to go! You'll have beautiful colored hair! To give the colors more staying power, you can iron them flat with a straightener to lock in the colors!
How long does hair chalk last? While most messy in its application, liquid chalk has the best-staying power, lasting between two and ten shampoos. Chalk sticks last about two to four shampoos, depending on how light your hair is, while chalk sprays and chalk boxes tend to last no more than one or two.


Hair chalk is a great option for people with a fear of colors, it's both cost-effective and temporary. With so many recipes on the market, you're bound to find one you like. Whether you're covering up unsightly roots or adding color to a concert, hair chalk is a quick fix and works well.