Changing hair color is very common for hairstyle followers who are keen to change their hair color. And when you get tired of some old blonde wigs, you can also turn them into a new wig by altering the tone of the blonde. So hair toner is often used and it is a key step in the hair coloring process. Therefore, do you know how to use the hair toner correctly? Today we will answer your questions about hair toner in this blog. If you also have questions about the usage of hair toner, then please read on.

What Is Hair Toner?

A hair toner is a product used to protect and revive any hair color if you dye or highlight your hair, which is like a topcoat for your hair color that comes in a gel or gloss formula and lasts for three to four weeks. Hair toner is a sheer, translucent color that helps balance out and neutralize unwanted tones or helps enhance desired tones. It is used to add natural or more visible tones after a professional color treatment. As a result, it will enhance the tonality of your wig and create a professional finished look.

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What Does Toner Do To Hair?

Generally, human hair has shades of red and orange pigment in it. When you try to lighten hair, the bleach has to work through each of those pigments to lift the color away. Depending on the time the bleach leaving in your hair, your hair may still have unflattering brassy undertones. Thats where hair toner comes in.

Hair toner works to change hair’s undertone. It cannot completely change the color of your hair, but it will help you manipulate the shade of the blonde or lightened locks. In simple terms, hair toner products neutralize unwanted warm or brassy tones and achieve a shinier and more natural-looking shade.

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How To Choose A Hair Toner?

Hairstylists determine what color toner to use according to the color wheel and choose a shade on the opposite end of the wheel. If you look at the color wheel, the colors that neutralize each other are the ones that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum. For example, if you want to eliminate red undertones in dark hair, a green toner is suitable; If your brown tresses faded and are looking more like orange hair, a blue toner can help correct the color and revive your brown or dark brown hair. Learning about the color wheel is important if you want to try toner at home. Of course, if you have no idea about the color wheel and which hair toner to choose from, consulting a professional stylist is advised.

How To Apply Toner To Hair?

If you are not satisfied with your color fading, you can use hair toner to alter the color tone. If you are plan to use toner for your wig at home, the first step is to wash your wig. Remember to wear gloves when applying hair toner to your wig.

Many girls are confused about hair toner should be put on wet or dry hair. The answer is that it should be put on dry hair. The second step is to dry your wig so that the pigment is able to absorb more into the hair.

Then mix the hair toner with a volume developer in a 1:2 ratio. And use a brush to apply the toner to your hair. You need to focus on the areas where you want to correct the tone.  

After leaving the hair toner for 10-15 minutes, rinse out the hair toner with your wig shampoo. And use some nourishing conditioner to add moisture to your wig. Because hair toner can dry out the hair strands, this is a necessary step to restore hydration with a conditioning treatment.

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How Often To Use Toner?

Toners usually last about a month. If you want your color to keep the look as good as it does when you first dye the hair, use a toner monthly.

You might also want to apply a hair toner at home to keep your color vibrant. Usually, toner is recommended to be used the day you do your highlights and color, but if your hair tends to get brassy, you can also do it.

How To Get Toner Out Of Hair?

If the results are not your dream color, you can get rid of toner immediately without having to wait. For best results, the best way to wash toner out of hair quickly is to use a clarifying shampoo which are powerful cleansers that people usually use to wash out the product build-up, dirt, and other substances that are left in your hair. Also, they can remove toners. You can find them at most stores that sell hair products. If the first round of clarifying shampoo doesn’t work, you can try washing again to get the last remnants of toner out.


In this blog, we mainly share some knowledge about how to use hair dye correctly. When you want to try hair dye, I hope it will be helpful to you. In addition, we will continue to bring you knowledge about hair and the latest fashion information. Welcome to follow us to learn more hair information in time.