Welcome to my channel, if you're new here, and if you're returning. In today's video, I'm going to show you how I install the 24 inches v part wig. I was sent by nadula hair, they are sponsoring today's video and I'm going to show you how I got this amazing blend with minimal leave out and it's giving a scalp, it's giving very natural. kinky curly V part wig

If you want to see how I got this look, then go ahead and keep watching. Today's video is sponsored by nadula hair, they sent me over this kinky curly V part wig, all the details will be down below in the description bar, so you can go ahead and pick it up. I'll also have a link in any coupon codes, but I really like the wig so far, and this is how it came right out of the box.

kinky curly V part wig

Ways to install nadula kinky curly v part wig

Before I even wash it, I'm going in and I'm giving it a nice little curly cut, just so that when we actually do define the curls, we don't have to worry about cutting it later, and making it all frizzy, so I'm showing you guys the order in which I would do this if I was doing it myself to get the best results in the shortest amount of time, and you know to give it a little pizzazz long story short.

1. Use scissors to clean up the bottom of the wig

kinky curly V part wig

I like to get as much work done as possible on my mannequin head because it's a lot easier, I can see everything and once it's time to install, most of the hard work is already done, so first I went in with my scissors to clean up the bottom, and then I used my razor comb to add some layers, and once I'm done with the cut, I went ahead and wet all of the hair down, so I can start to put the product in it and define the curls, but first I'm parting out a really thin sliver right around the part of the hair, and this is what we're going to use to blend our hair later, just trust me and pull out a couple of hair around the part, and now we can go ahead and get into the actual defining of the curls.

2. Apply a little bit of mousse to the hair

kinky curly V part wig

In the back, I'm putting a little bit of mousse in the hair while it's damp, just to kind of get the curls to get nice and defined, and I'm using a little brush as well I like to go through and add the product in sections again, it's just a lot easier for me to do it on a mannequin head because I can make sure I'm not missing any spots and we don't want any bushy spots on our kinky curly wig, we want everything nice and defined.

3. Put the wig under my blow dryer

kinky curly V part wig

So once I have that done, I put the wig under my blow dryer and let that go ahead and dry under some cool air while we work on prepping my natural hair. I went ahead and sectioned out a small V portion to leave out of the wig, and I'm going to go ahead and twist that out of the way, so we can try the kinky curly wig on and make sure that everything is sitting right before I braid the rest of my hair.

4. Braid natural hair

kinky curly V part wig

I like to break my hair up along the sides in the back, and then leave out the top portion of my hair, so I can kind of switch it up for V parts and U parts and have a lot of styling options without having to re-braid my entire head every time. I want to switch up my hair because I switch up my hair quite a lot, and that would just be entirely too much, so using this braiding pattern with a lot of Versatility works really well for me.
I'll go ahead and link the video here where I show you guys how to do it on yourselves, but in the meantime in-between times, I'm just plaiting all of the additional hair that I won't be needing to leave out, and I'm tucking it in the back, some type of way just to get it as flat as possible, before we actually go ahead and clip our wig on, to stay this time now that we have our braided base together, somewhat child this is slapped together, we can go ahead and clip her on, and I'm taking out my edges, I had them in like a little twist just to make sure that everything was blended with the curl pattern of the hair.

5. Blend

kinky curly V part wig

And now we can get into this blend, so I went ahead and parted my hair down the middle of that section, and I untwisted that section that we kind of separated out earlier.
I'm applying a little bit more of that, and I will be foaming mousse to blend those sections together, and then I'm separating it into smaller sections and doing pretty much a twist out, but in each twist, I'm blending my natural hair with a little bit of the extensions, and this is going to perfect our blend if I just went ahead and twisted my hair, and when I took it down, it was just sitting on top of the extensions, it wouldn't give what it's about to give when we're finished.

6. Twist

kinky curly V part wig

So I have about five twists in my hair at the top two on either side, and one in the back, and I'm going in with my diffuser on a mix of warm and cool air back, and forth until the twists are dry, and then I'm just going to take those twists down fluff it out, and this is the basics of our blend, it looks good, it's given but we're going to just polish it up a little bit with some edge control. I'm gonna slip my edges down to find the part a little bit, and kind of slick everything going back just polish everything up for the most part.

kinky curly V part wig

Real views from Wynne Jean

Look at my way, a little bit of edge control with a curly wig goes a long way so far we literally only used foaming lotion and edge control, and very minimal heat, to be honest, so I think this is a great protective style for the summertime, and just look at that blend. So this is the finished look with a little bit of extra baby hair, it's given scalp, it's giving, this is my hair don't ask any questions. I love the way that everything is blended.
It looks so good, and I even love how much volume there is, in the root, you're not going to be all up in the park, but if you get all up in the park, then baby still be it, because it's laid, it just looks like, it looks scrumptious something about these curly wigs, with a little bit of layering in them just adds something because typically somebody with long curly hair is going to want to have some shape to it, no matter the texture shape is so important, and with a little round face like mine, honestly layers just kind of bring it to life and really like.


I don't know it just makes it look a lot more natural, because I can't put my finger on it, but it's doing something I hope you got some tips and tricks on how to blend your hair with your V part wigs, and I'm about to go and hit these streets, because I'm looking a little too good to be sitting.