A short black bob wig is welcomed by many black women and web celebrities. Kirah Ominique is one of the famous ones who are crazy about real hair wigs. She always shops wigs and extensions from Nadula Official Store. This time, she will share with us how to bleach knots and style her short black bob wig. Let’s see what she said: Hey girl, welcome back to my channel. I just got over my workout, I had to get that aim before we get the day starting. It is Saturday and I have a lot to do today. I put a wig on and what else I just got to do a lot of stuff so I wanted to take y'all along with me. 

 Straight Short Bob Wig

Show The black bob wig human hair

My name is Kirah, I'm sweaty, look at my ponytail, I'm just kidding. but if you're new here, don't forget to comment and subscribe. Don't feel like I'm in subscribe okay so anyway. So yeah, I'll be putting on a wig today. This is the wig that I'm gonna be putting on.

Human Hair Bob Wig With Bangs

It's a cute little bunch of bob wig. I haven't worn short hair in a minute, so I'm a little scared you know, I just started putting on my wigs. I don't see how this is gonna go. but I already know how to dye and bleach the hair. I just styling it, it's a process. So I'm gonna do that. All the hair details on this straight black bob wig will be in the description box below.

Bleaching Knots On The Black Bob Wig

With this black bob cut wig, it's giving me very very that like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian Bob. I will see y'all once I started bleaching the knots and dyeing the hair. this is a whole day process and I need to put it on today. I want this black bob lace front wig to bring it all together. I'm going for a look today. 

Short Bouncy Fluffy Curly Wig

I must get started on bleaching my knots. I'd use the bw2 and the 40-volume cream. Obviously, every hairstylist does this. I just notice that they have pre-plucked the lace, it's not thick right here at all. Thank God for that.

#33 Ginger / Copper Red Wigs

So it won't take me that long to pluck it. I got my black gloves here, they're reusable. So every time I get to do wonders I feel like a hairstylist. I hope this hair comes out cute. I know I'm just gonna let this sit on here for 20 minutes. I like to clean up. (See details in the video)

I love that Nadula Hair. It's not that much like you got to it. Today it's our Tea Party. It's already plugged and I like to have all my wigs jet-black-like regardless. I don't care how long I'm leaving it on, I mean like hair. I'm gonna do that video next, but anyways I put my wig on today, so that's what we're about to do. 

 FB30 Straight Highlight Bob Wig

Let me tell you like I still gotta keep working up until this day. This is how the hair turned out and I love this cheap black bob wig. I did cut it a little bit. But make sure to check out the description box below: This is Nadula hair lace on a four-link. Oh my god, I can't believe I'm like slaying my short black bob wigs. Even though you take it a long time. Let me just tell you that, it's cool. I just got done editing. I mean filming a video as you can struggle.

Recommend This Black bob wig

I have no foundation and I hope you'll check out the video because this video is probably gonna be out. I have to go take my picture real quick. I'll be back. Make sure y'all check out Nadula hair extensions. This short bob wig, I can't believe I did this myself honestly.

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