From spiky topknots to braided buns, you can see all kinds of attractive graphic updo hairstyles, and these updo hairstyles are deeply loved by actresses. We often see a lot of updo styles in some award ceremonies or activities, and this trend once dominated the 2023 Oscars. Almost every girl can't refuse this kind of rich and ever-changing graphic updos, so which graphic updo hairstyles do you know or have tried? Please keep reading to learn more about the charm of graphic updo hairstyles.

1. Why Is The Graphic Updo Hairstyle Popular?

Graphic updos are popular. It's not just a super-fashionable bun, but also creative, experimental and aesthetic. Under the exploration of the creative practice of many hairstylists, beauty experts and many internet celebrities, its styles are becoming more and more abundant, and will always maintain its vigorous vitality, which also lays a solid foundation for updos hairstyles to truly lead the trend.

Halle Bailey

Leading the charge is Danai Gurira, you can see an impossibly gravity defying four-tiered bun she wore to the Academy Awards,the beautiful hair bun with shiny hair bracelets ushered in more attention and compliments for her. We often see The Little Mermaid actress Halle Bailey also mostly in elaborate braided buns, and the appearance of spiky knotted topknot and spiky buns also makes everything more interesting.

2. The Stunning Graphic Updo Hairstyles At The Oscars 2023

At the 2023 Oscars, various actresses wore beautiful graphic updos to the grand event. You can see Rihanna's cute spiky top knot with some loose ends, which gave this hairstyle extra fun. Danai Gurira's four tiered bun is a hairstyle with a flamboyant personality. The bun is surrounded by silver diamond bracelets. It is simple and bright, and people can't help but look at it more. There's also Florence Pugh's reverse ponytail, which shows us the classic Audrey Hepburn hairstyle of the era, and Halle Bailey, with her stunning and sophisticated braided bun. Ariana's off-centre rolled sleek chignon also stands out from the crowd and looks perfect.

Florence Pugh

3. More Interesting Graphic Updos You Can't Miss

In addition to being suitable for updo hairstyles when attending grand ceremonies or events, updos are the perfect hairstyle choice for living or working. Updos are not necessarily boring twists or buns. After changes in fashion and aesthetic trends, graphic updos now contain more creative designs, adding more creative and interesting elements in braiding, accessories and styling.

1. Graphic Ponytail

Graphic Ponytail

To create a great ponytail, make sure to style it. Combing the hair up from the ears, flipping a portion of the ends of the hair slightly to create a twist or pop around the hairline will give the ponytail a more graphic and interesting look.

2. Blunt Ponytail

Blunt Ponytail

A blunt ponytail pulled up looks striking too. The neat hair tail does not feel casual at all, but looks more rigorous and tidy. Pairing it with different head accessories can make this simple style stand out more easily. If you don't want to cut your own hair, consider opting for synthetic wigs, real-life wigs, or hair extensions to give you more control over hair length and create the desired look.

3. Micro Braids

Micro Braids

Wavy micro braids are a great way to protect your natural hair and are also a beautiful braided hairstyle. You can also get more creative with this braid, such as creating a more dynamic micro-braided bun. You can create a relaxed bun on the basis of micro braid hairstyles, loosen part of the micro braids and let them hang down naturally, making your braided bun look layered, voluminous and dynamic.

4. Triple Knots

Triple Knots

This hairstyle has a very special appearance and can show personality very well. It is very suitable for girls with thick hair. Choose it, and you don't have to feel the burden of trying to coil all your hair. You just need to divide your hair into three horizontal sections, then tie each section into a textured messy bun. Gently pull the bun so it doesn't get too tight and look messy.

5. Double Space Buns

Double Space Buns

When it comes to creative buns, double space buns can spice up your look, and if serious hairstyles aren’t your thing, this super cute and fun double space buns hairstyle can give you even more inspiration.

6. Claw Clips Hairstyle

Claw Clips

Claw Clips Hairstyle is a very popular style this year, which can easily create updo or bun hairstyles. Using a gold, silver, rose gold or classic black claw clip is easier than regular plastic barrettes and the overall effect is more polished and classy.


Are you excited to see so many creative graphic updos? Are you eager to try them out? Take action, try and add your own creative ideas, let your style follow the trend or even lead the trend. If your natural hair is not enough to do many hairstyles you want, then nadula hair can provide you with more choices, a variety of high-quality human hair extensions and wigs allow you to create different hairstyles without worry modeling. Welcome to subscribe us to know more high-quality hair extensions and wigs information, as well as the latest fashion news.