Yarn braids are a popular protective hairstyle with a unique aesthetic. While yarn braids have been around for a while, many people are unaware of the nuances of this hairstyle. Whether you're a complete stranger to yarn braids or are interested in learning more about this unique style, this article is for you.

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What are yarn braids?

As the name suggests, a yarn braid is a braid made of yarn instead of regular hair extensions. Yarn braid is a particularly amazing hairstyle idea that focuses on the obvious artificial texture, but in a way that harmonizes with your kinks. While this hairstyle isn't necessarily new, it's certainly a cool and creative trend that can also look very natural and beautiful if done correctly. There are many styles and colors you can experiment with yarn braids.

What are yarn braids?

How to do yarn braids?

If you know how to install the ordinary braid, you can install the yarn braids smoothly. Here are a few steps you must follow.

1. Get the tools you need

How to do yarn braids?

In order to do yarn braids, acrylic yarn is your best bet, don't use any other type of yarn or your hair will get knotted. Next is a pair of scissors.

2. Wash your hair

Wash your hair

Just like you've never washed your head before, really scrub your scalp. If your hair can stand it, skip the conditioner, which tends to leave a build-up. Then apply a pea-sized gel to the ends of your natural hair. This will help your hair blend seamlessly with the yarn while braiding.

3. Part your hair

Part your hair

To unify your braid, grab a section of hair about the width of three strands of yarn. Then slide your parted hair over the looped end of the yarn. Hold three strands of yarn in each hand. Twist the yarn so that it does not slip while braiding.

4. Keep braiding your hair with yarn

Keep braiding your hair with yarn

When you start to run out of your own hair, take a wisp from each yarn and add it to your hair. You should now have two strands of yarn in each braid. Loop the yarn around the end of the braid, then pull two strands of yarn through the center of the loop you just made. If you want the end of your hair to look more complete, you can also burn off the end of the braid with a little fire.

What are the best yarn braid ideas for 2023?

Are you looking for a stylish and cool hairstyle? Yarn braids are the perfect way to add a unique flavor to your ensemble. Versatile, bold, and low maintenance, this style is suitable for many different occasions. Whether you're having a special event or you're just going to work, these yarn braid hairstyles are sure to add color to your look.

What are the best yarn braid ideas for 2023?

1. Blue and white yarn hairstyle

You can experiment with a myriad of color options with yarn. This blue and white combination is very refreshing. If you prefer a longer style but don't want it to come out too bulky, opt for a layered braid. The blue and white yarn hairstyles also look best on dark skin.

2. Thick yarn braids

Yarn braids are a very fashionable hairstyle that almost everyone looks good on. In addition, they are also suitable for daily styling. So if you want a chic daily appearance, why not try thick yarn braids? It is best for girls without bushy hair.

3. Colorful yarn braids

For those who like an offhand style, colorful yarn braids are a great option. All you need to do is choose your perfect tone. In addition, don't forget to consider the intensity of your chosen color. While bright hues are undoubtedly in fashion, if you're working in an office environment, more understatement hues might work better.

4. Yarn braids bob

For a chic and cute hairstyle, the yarn braid bob is a perfect choice. This style is elegant and varied and looks good on all hair types. The best part is that you can wear this style in a few weeks without touching it up. Add some serum to your braid to ensure a smooth and long-lasting style.

5. Box braids with yarn

Box braids are a very popular style because of their ability to protect the hair from damage. Box braids with yarn is a modern update, that will definitely grab people's attention.


From short hair to long hair, you can do endless styles with yarn braids. You can do them in a bun, a half bun, a twist, a box braid, and so on. You can also wear them thick, thin, or huge, and any color in the sun, plus you can add accessories such as clamps and beads, which look wonderful for special occasions. Believe me, yarn braids will be your best choice for a protective hairstyle.