Retro trends always come back again and again. In fact, many of today's trends are heavily influenced by past styles and recast them as contemporary versions. The same goes for vintage hairstyles. They represent the highlights of each decade in music, fashion and entertainment. These vintage hairstyles give us a glimpse of what different eras looked like, and what made each one unique and truly attractive. There are many vintage hairstyles that never fade, and you can recognize them at any fancy gala, fundraiser, awards ceremony, or wedding. Today, I summarized a few beautiful hairstyles restoring ancient ways, to be worn in daily life. Many of these hairstyles are very glamorous and will look very beautiful on any occasion.

1. Vintage French twist hairstyle

vintage hairstyles

French twist hairstyle is very suitable for the wedding and any activity. You need to comb the hair into a low ponytail, and then clockwise turn the hair end. After they begin to spin ponytails pulled up, the ponytail will form itself. When you're done, if you still have hair, go ahead and spin it and tuck it under the jute flower. The vintage French twist hairstyle was the hairstyle of choice for the most famous people of the day, perfect for formal occasions.

2. Vintage pixie cut hairstyle

vintage hairstyles

Short hair women can also create magnificent models of restoring ancient ways. Although you may not have so much hair, short hair you can still make a cute style restoring ancient ways. The 1920s finger wave technique is a great way to create a retro look on a pixie short. You can even add a decorative bobby pin or beret for the perfect finish to vintage glamour. This hairstyle just happened to keep hair away from the face while working, which was a big consideration for women at that time. We believe this beautiful hairstyle has also helped boost its popularity!

3. Quiff updo vintage hairstyles

vintage hairstyles

If you're looking for a sleek retro short hairstyle that also lets you pull your hair up in a bun, then this quiff updo vintage hairstyle is for you. An Elvis-style puffy braid in the front and a high bun in the back give you a retro look for any occasion.

4. Victory rolls vintage hairstyles

vintage hairstyles

The victory curl is one of the most beloved vintage hairstyles. This hairstyle features rich curls to frame the face, which has a distinctive 1940s style. Although this model might be too strange for the office, it is a really interesting choice for modeling and night over the weekend.

5. Glam roll with vintage curls

vintage hairstyles

If you want a modern look with a retro touch, a glam roll with vintage curls is a good choice. Compared with a victory roll, the charm of Volume is more low-key style, with single charm a tie-in modern curl, combining the boundaries between retro and trendy. vintage hairstyles
When copying this style, don't let the curls fall off your back, but pin them to your hair with bobby pins. In this way, you can have a delicate style restoring ancient ways. Embodies the spirit of retro charm of fluffy long hair. Use volumizing shampoo and blowout techniques to make your hair look big and beautiful.

6. Vintage hairstyles black hairdo

vintage hairstyles

Black women used to wear braids that were still fashionable. The only difference is their hairstyles. Put a large braid on the top of your head, like a crown, and a braid bun at the back.


History is full of incredible events and lessons, but it's the hairstyles of the past that fascinate us. From gorgeous finger curls and bouncy curls to chic bobs and detailed updos, vintage looks are as fashionable today as they were then. From the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s to the present day, vintage hairstyles have stood the test of time and are a great choice for modern people. Whether you're after a glamorous and classic look, these are the best vintage hairstyles.
The best way to create vintage hair is to identify a style you like and then find tutorials on YouTube. Oftentimes, vintage hairstyles use different techniques and tools than what we use now, making it easiest to have someone guide you. Prepare yourself with a comb, comb, segment clips, headbands, bobby pins, hair spray, and a hot roller to suit your style.