The debate between long and short hair has subsided in recent years, with more people embracing gender-neutral hairstyles. Androgynous haircuts mean finding a middle point between women and men: not sticking to one gender, but accepting both. An androgynous hairstyle is a gender-neutral hairstyle that is both masculine and feminine. As one of the latest hair trends, this ultra-edgy androgynous hairstyle is making a dramatic statement. Read on, here's everything you need to know.

Androgynous haircuts

6 most popular androgynous haircuts in 2023

As for what an androgynous hairstyle is, the fact is that any hairstyle can be androgynous, as it all depends on who is rocking the hairstyle. Therefore, if you're looking for a hairstyle that blurs the line between female and male, then I've got the following 6 androgynous hairstyles for you.

1. Punky androgynous cut

most popular androgynous haircuts in 2023

A punky hairstyle is just a state of mind. As a result, true punky hairstyles are only satisfied when their outer appearance cries out for their bright inner selves. Therefore, you can greet the long punky androgynous cut, it can do the talking and tell others who you are. Of course, if you spice punky androgynous cut-up with some bold colors, you'll enhance that look. To make it completely unique, you can choose to shave some hair tattoos on the sides. If you have the heart face shape, the punky hairstyle with an androgynous cut will be your best choice.

2. Androgynous pixie cut

Androgynous pixie cut

Do you like pixie cuts? As far as I am concerned, the pixie hairstyle is the most popular androgynous choice due to its inherent versatility. The androgynous pixie cut is not very long, so it can adopt a masculine vibe when you want it.
At the same time, the androgynous pixie cut is not too short and can have multiple styling possibilities, from traditional masculine/feminine, to various identities in between. This makes this balanced gremlin the perfect androgynous hairstyle for any occasion.
On the other hand, you can brush the top hair to the sides, comb the androgynous pixie cut forward to create a fringed look, or comb the androgynous pixie cut back for a more Bohemian look. There are endless options for this short, stylish hairstyle!

3. Androgynous cut with hair tattoo

Androgynous cut with hair tattoo

Do you want to make your androgynous hairstyle more distinctive? If you complement the androgynous cut with a tattoo on your hair, whatever style you want, it will be more unique. The same goes for androgynous hairstyles, where hairdressers will add different patterns to your head according to your needs, a feature that should match your personality. From simple single-line design to complex patterns, there will be a good effect, because an androgynous cut with a hair tattoo will add a lot of personality. If you have a big head, you can design lots of different patterns with your hair.

4. Textured top with buzzed sides and androgynous hairstyle

Textured top with buzzed sides and androgynous hairstyle

Don't forget that you can customize your androgynous hairstyle based on your facial features and preferences. You can try the textured top with buzzed sides and androgynous hairstyle, which mixes a classic fringed cut with a touch of cut at the top, not only bringing out a lot of serious tomboys but also bringing out the broad forehead. If you want to diversify it, you can always experiment with textures on the top, varying from messy to smooth. In fact, the textured top with buzzed sides and androgynous hairstyle will be the best choice for girls with a round face.

5. Mushroom cut androgynous hairstyle

Mushroom cut androgynous hairstyle

If you want a hairstyle that lets you do your hair from time to time, this mushroom-cut androgynous hairstyle is ideal. It's also a great option if you want more volume and thickness in your hair. The mushroom cut androgynous hairstyle comes with more subtle details, which could mean more point-like cuts near the hairline and sideburns for boys or soft fringe details for women.

6. Buzz cut androgynous hairstyle

Buzz cut androgynous hairstyle

How to keep your androgynous hairstyle short and sweet? For hair to be the same length all around the head, the buzz cut in the traditional sense is cut with a razor very close to the head. In fact, the buzz-cut androgynous hairstyle is best for you. With the help of a friend and a set of scissors, you can make this buzz-cut androgynous hairstyle completely at home, which is also super useful as it saves you money and time on maintenance.


For many people, androgynous hairstyles are controversial. But the days of fashion for men and women are gone. Stereotypes are fading and styles are merging. Today, you can play with your hair and transition between genders effortlessly. Androgynous hair has become a popular art now, and the above 6 androgynous hairstyles are the most popular in 2023, so come and try them out!