You cannot believe that someone is curling hair with socks. If you've been roaming social media, you're no doubt aware of the new trend, which is heatless curls with socks. Create heatless, gorgeous curls with just a new pair of socks, named sock curls. All you need to do is weave the socks into your wet hair and leave them there while it dries. Keep reading as I walk you through all the steps to curl your hair with socks.

What are sock curls?

What are sock curls?

What are sock curls? This effective heat-free curling technique can give you gorgeous, bouncy waves overnight without any of the damage caused by curlers.
The success of sock curls varies from person to person. Those with thinner hair may benefit more because it dries faster. Others may want to use beach spray or hairspray after taking their socks off, and some may prefer to use the blending method, adding a little heat to the crown to create a little volume. In this blog, I will tell you how to curl your hair with socks.

How to do sock curls?

Generally speaking, sock curls are an easy way to curl your hair and can be done by almost anyone. As long as you have hair and a few pairs of socks, you can get this look. There are 6 steps that will help you get the wonderful sock curls. You can also follow the video to learn how to do sock curls.

1. Get the tools you need

Get the tools you need

As you know, the best tools make perfect sock curls. To get the wonderful sock curls, you need to have your tools ready in advance. If you have thick hair, it's a good idea to get 4 to 6 socks, maybe more, and the socks should be about the same length as your hair, followed by a hairbrush, bobby pins, hair cord, hair spray, and a hair dryer if you want to add a little volume to the top of your head.

2. Wash and brush your hair

Wash and brush your hair

Most heatless curling techniques hold better on damp and clean hair, so you should start with a shower. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, making sure to rinse it out, as buildup can drag down frizz. If you can't wash your hair that day, you can spray your hair with water to make it damp. Finally use a wide-toothed comb to comb through your hair, after all, you don't want any knots or tangles to appear and ruin your sock curls.

3. Part your hair

Part your hair

After drying your hair with a towel, let it air dry for about 30 minutes. Once your hair is about 60 to 70 percent dry, divide it into four or more sections. If you have fine to medium hair, you can probably divide it into at least four sections (front, back, and sides). The thicker your hair is, the more parts you need, and therefore the more socks you need.

4. Add the socks to your hair

Add the socks to your hair

Adding the sock to your hair is the most important step in the process of making sock curls. Firstly, grab a section of hair that is about two inches wide and a quarter inch thick. Place the end of the hair in the middle of the sock. Next, roll the sock toward the roots of your hair without letting it go. Keep rolling until you reach the roots of your hair.
At the roots, tie the ends of the socks together to keep the curls in place. Repeat this process with the rest of your hair. If you want looser curls, you can use larger sections of hair, while thinner sections will result in tighter curls. You may feel tempted to roll it up in half to get the elastic waves.

5. Dry your hair

Dry your hair

You should not undo the sock roll until your hair is completely dry. Many people choose to wait overnight to let their hair dry. This option will also save you time styling your hair in the morning. You can blow dry your hair to speed up the process.

6. Carefully remove the socks from your head

Carefully remove the socks from your head

Once your hair is dry, undo your socks carefully. You would better apply a little shine-enhancing serum or oil to your hands, and instead of reaching for a brush or comb, gently play with them with your hands, your fingers are the best comb. This will help break the sock curls up, causing them to cascade down in gorgeous waves.


A sock curl is a curling iron that does not require heat. They are also very easy to make. Most importantly, you can create beautiful curls at any time without damaging your hair. Try curling your hair with socks tonight and wake up with a gorgeous new hairstyle. What a sweet dream!