When you buy wigs online, have you paid attention to the color number of the wig? Different numbers and letters represent different hair colors. Recently a new color wig has become popular, that is FB30. Then what does FB30 hair color mean in the wig? today we will answer all your questions about the color of FB30 in this blog.

What Color Is FB30?

FB30 is a color created by mixing #1B and #30 two colors, off black and medium auburn. Use off black as the base color and mix medium auburn to make dazzling highlights. If you are someone who wants a special hairstyle but is too afraid to try bold colors or blondes, then FB30 is definitely a color that suits you best. It can meet your requirements for natural hair color, and at the same time help you show your unique charm.


What Is The Difference Between FB30 And 1B30?

There is another similar hair color 1B30, which is a more common color. Then what is the difference between them?

As we have mentioned above, FB30 mixes off black base and medium auburn highlights together. In other words, FB30 refers specifically to the vertical medium auburn highlights based on black hair. While 1B30 simply represents the mixing of #1b and #30, without specifying how the two colors mix. You can understand that FB30 and 1B30 are the same in color combination, but 1B30 covers a wider range.


Why Choose FB30 Color Wigs?

FB30 hair color has always been popular with all ages and styles of girls. To get wonderful FB30 hair, choosing an FB30 hair wig is the best option for African American girls. Some advantages can prove FB30 hair wigs are worth trying.

1. Natural and special look

If you think sheer black or brown is too drab and want to make a difference. FB30 wigs will be very suitable for you. The wigs made from the natural colors of black and brown still maintain their natural feel, while the brown dazzling highlights add embellishment to your black hair, making it look natural but unique.

2. Match all skin tones

Black and brown have been two of the most classic and versatile colors since time immemorial, and you never have to worry about it will not match your skin tone. Whether you have chocolate skin, olive skin, or a lighter or darker skin tone, the fb30 wig can match your skin color perfectly.

3. Restyle freely

Choose a wig made from human hair that will meet most of your styling needs. You can freely recreate your hairstyle with your curling iron or straightener. Trust me, fb30 can add a lot to your hair no matter what your hairstyle is.

4. Easy to maintain

For fb30 wigs, you don't need to worry about them fading, you just need to care for them as your other natural wigs, no other special condition steps are required.

5. Never out of fashion

As a versatile color, fb30 is not only suitable for cold winter. Actually, it is suitable for any occasion in any season. It is definitely a hair color that doesn't require special consideration for clothes to match. This hair color was popular in the past, and it will be still popular today and in the future.

Where To Buy High-quality Fb30 Color Wigs?

When people decide to buy a wig, high quality is the first thing most people consider. If you are looking for a wig supplier that can provide high-quality FB30 wigs, Nadula is here for you. Nadula guarantees all wigs are made of 100% human hair, they will not shed or tangle. There are three FB30 hair wigs recommended to you.

1. #FB30 Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

The popularity of the most classic body wave needs no superfluous description. Adding brown to the big black waves makes the whole hairstyle look very gorgeous, and the interlacing of black and brown forms the unique shape of the wig to show your unique charm.

#FB30 Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

 2. Jerry Curly V Part #FB30 Balayage Highlights Wigs

If you like small curls, then this Jerry curly wig will be perfect for you. The accumulation of small curls will give your hairstyle a very voluminous look overall. The warm shades of FB30 will also work really well with your skin. It is worth mentioning that this is a V part wig, which means that it is very easy to install and remove, and is very friendly for beginners.

Jerry Curly V Part #FB30 Balayage Highlights Wigs

3. #FB30 Body Wave Headband Wigs

This is a more affordable body wave wig. The highlights of this wig are not as obvious as the first FB30 body wave lace front wig. The overall tone is brownish, and the brown highlights and black hair blend together to look very shiny. At the same time, a headband wig is also very friendly to beginners, because it can be easily removed and put on, so it is also good for your natural hair health.

#FB30 Body Wave Headband Wigs