If you've been through all the trending hair colors and are trying to find a wig with a new color, opting for a classic black hairstyle with blonde might be your best next move. It is suitable for any hair structure, skin tone, and most occasion. Today we will recommend some black and blonde hair ideas for you, hope to give you some inspiration about your new hair color.

What Is Blonde And Black Hair?

A black and blonde hair color is a combination of both blonde and black hues. Usually black is the base tone and the blonde is the highlight. It breaks the monotony of pure black hair. And compared with full blonde hair, black and blonde hair promises less maintenance. Remarkably, this match can easily complement all complexions. Therefore, it is always welcomed by women of all ages and all styles.

Black And Blonde Hair Color Ideas

After learning about what black and blonde hair are, in this part, we will recommend some hair color ideas of black and blonde for you.  

1. Short Black And Blonde Hair

Based on black, gold highlights are added to the sides of the face, they together form a money piece wig. This color combination can play a role in framing your face and highlighting your eyes and facial features. The blonde frames on both sides of the face can further brighten your skin tone, which will give you a fresh and energetic look.

Ombre Balayage Highlight wig

2. Black And Blonde Ombre Hair

Besides black and gold, this one is more layered in color. Dark roots make the hair natural enough, just like the hair growing out of your scalp. The ombre brown and strawberry blond at the ends of the hair, as well as the blond money piece on the sides of the face, will make you look very different. This is definitely a wig that can frame your face and make you unique.

FB30 human hair wig

3. Black And Blonde Curly Hair

Generally, Balayage highlights hair often looks fluffier than others. Fluffier hair is a great tool to make your face look smaller. The combination of honey blonde and black is very versatile, which will match your outfits perfectly. Besides, this is a V part wig that is friendly to beginners. You can put it on and take off it very easily.

black blonde3

4. Black And Honey Blonde Body Wave hair

Body wave is a very classic hairstyle. While black and honey blonde colors add some fun to your hair. Check that beautiful long hair with honey brown highlights going all the way from the roots to the ends. They add a new depth and make your hair color more sophisticated.  

black blonde4

5. Black Roots And Blonde Ombre Hair

Black roots create a natural hair look for you. The light blonde of money pieces and the ends of hair form the ultimate contrast. This color technique helps your color pop and show off your facial features. It is a modern look that is sure to turn heads.

black blonde5

6. Black And Blonde Skunk Strip Hair

Different from money piece hair, skunk strip hair usually has irregular highlights. The sophisticated highlights customize the black hair and create a unique look, which creates a refreshing look. Besides, you can dye the blonde highlights into other colors to add shine and color to your gorgeous black and show your personality.     

Deep Wave Highlight Wig


A combination of black and blonde hair is not only the color of the season but of the whole year. It has been in vogue for quite some time and is here to stay. Wherever you look, you will find a lot of people with black and blonde hair. This style of coloring hair allows you to express your individuality while looking chic at the same time.