As a hairstyle lover, I guess you have known about hair products more or less. When you visit the hair mall, you will find that there are various categories of hair products, such as hair wigs, hair closures, hair bundles, and so on. What we will talk about is hair bundles in the post.

What does Bundle Mean in Hair?

The term bundle of hair refers to a single weft hair extension piece that is normally rolled and tied loosely for use. The hair is cut from one donor and collected together, then it is sewn into the same weft. After that, a hair bundle is made successfully.

No matter the length, the standard weight of bundles is 3.5 oz or 100 grams. The common lengths of bundles range from 8 to 24 inches long. Most hair bundles are natural colors. If you want to add volume or length to your hair and make your hair fuller, bundles are good choices for you. Generally, 3-4 hair bundles are enough to satisfy your need for your hair.

nadula 3 bundles straight blonde hair weave

Different Materials of Hair Bundles

Different bundles are made out of different materials. So there are many kinds of hair bundles, for example, synthetic hair bundles and raw hair bundles.

The price of synthetic hair bundles is cheaper. Because the hair strands are made out of man-made fibers like acrylic or nylon and are lack versatility. Besides, many people with sensitive skin are allergic to synthetic hair. Therefore, most hair bundles in the market are raw hair bundles, whose quality is better than synthetic hair bundles.

Raw hair bundles also called 100% human hair bundles, can be divided into two categories: Remy human bundles and non-Remy hair bundles. Remy human bundles refer to the hair whose cuticles are kept intact and the tips and roots run in the same direction, which is considered the best hair bundles. It is more durable and offers a more natural look and feel. You can restyle the Remy hair bundles to get any style you like. Non-Remy hair bundles are made of human hair. But the quality is not as good as Remy hair. It is from many donors and will get knotted easily. They are also cheap human hair bundles.

Different Types of Hair Bundles

The hair that made hair bundles come from different areas. They have different features. Now let us learn about the different types of hair bundles.

1. Brazilian hair bundles

Brazilian hair bundles are known for their thickness. If you purchase the same quantity of hair bundles, you will get fuller hair with Brazilian hair bundles. Another notable feature is durability. You can restyle them into wave or colored hair. They can be used and hold hairstyles for a long time. And they are extremely luxurious and soft, so we can get good comfort. Besides, they have a medium luster and natural shine, which can blend your hair naturally.

2. Peruvian Hair Bundles

Peruvian hair bundles are more coarse and thicker than Brazilian hair bundles. At the same time, they are soft and easy to manage. The versatility is also one of the reasons Peruvian hair bundles are popular among hair lovers. The bundles can give you various patterns that you may choose from. And the hair bundles are lightweight, free-flowing, and luxurious.

3. Malaysian Hair Bundles

Malaysian hair bundles are softer and thicker. They come in an off-black color. Actually, its naturally deep brown color. They can blend best with relaxed textures and people with silky hair. Malaysian hair bundles, with natural luster and a great natural shine, are manageable extremely. You are allowed to restyle the hair and it will remain smooth.

4. Indian Hair Bundles

Raw Indian hair bundles have the thickest texture. Indian hair is relatively soft, with small wavy curls. It is not only lustrous but also durable and extra flexible. So you can style them in any way you like, and they will last for a long time. Indian virgin hair is one of the most common and widely available hair types on the market.

The above are several common hair bundles. Hair bundles can also be divided by hairstyles, for example, kinky hair bundles, hair weave bundles, and straight hair bundles. You can purchase the bundles according to your need.

Nadula body wave highlights obmre color bundles

How to Sell Hair Bundles?

With hair products are more and more popular, more people want to start their hair business. Then how to sell hair bundles? There are some steps for you.

First of all, you need to do market research. It is the key to learning about people's preferences for the types of hair bundles, which will help you decide what hair bundles you should prepare.

Then, you need to prepare a channel to sell hair bundles. An online store is a good option, which can avoid paying rent for the store. You need to register and apply to establish your online store. The other option is to open a retail store so that customers can touch your products more intuitively.

In the third step, you need to buy hair products. Remember to find a reliable supplier.  Because you can get hair bundles wholesale, which can help you get your bundles at a lower price. Besides, be careful not to buy too much at one time, because they require storage space, and at the beginning, there are not many customer resources. If you buy too much, you may not be able to sell them out.

In addition, building your own brand is an essential step that cannot be ignored. You need more customers to guarantee you have enough profit to maintain the store.

How to Get Cheap Human Hair Bundles?

Are you searching for how to get cheap human hair bundles? In fact, wholesale purchase is a good method.

Actually, many online shopping malls provide wholesale bundles of hair. The more you buy, the cheaper the unit price. If you are a retailer of hair bundles, you can buy wholesale bundles of hair, then you will get more discounts. If you are just a lover of hair bundles, you can look for the same hair bundles lovers, like your friends, to get discounts by sharing the wholesale bill.

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Hair bundles are common hair products on the hair market. And they provide much convenience for those who want to lengthen their hair or add volume to their natural hair. In the end, we believe you have known much basic information about hair bundles. If you have other questions, like how to buy hair bundles wholesale, you can contact our online service.