Hair is an essential part of your personality, and you are not much attracted if you lose your natural hair texture. So, you can wear human hair wigs with skin parts to match your hairline naturally. The skin part wig has a skin material at the partitioning line made from soft PU plastic. The whole wig is not made up of skin in the skin part wig. Instead, the only partitioning line is of skin while the rest of the wig is machine weft.

The human hair wigs with skin parts are usually dyed with a cotton thread similar to the hair scalp. If you're a wig lover and want to look more natural, then a skin part wig can help you adopt this look. Skin part wigs offer you a wide variety in hair styling as well. In addition, skin part African American wigs are easy to wear and wash and are highly suitable for daily use. So, if you're curious to know more about wigs with skin parts then this blog is for you; continue your reading:

What is the skin part wig?

The skin part wig is made of PU soft plastic instead of lace front cap construction. The only partitioning line is made up of skin material, so African American wigs with skin parts are affordable. These skin part wigs are cost-effective and good options for customers desiring a realistic parting line.

What are the benefits of a skin part wig?

A skin part wig not only gives you an elegant look instead there are following more benefits of a skin part wig:

1. A realistic look at partitioning line

As the partitioning line is made up of soft PU plastic, there is no need to cover the wig's knots and threads, making your top head skin part more realistic and natural.

2. Time-saving

When you wear human hair wigs with a skin part, there is no need to conceal the knots in your wig, you have to only apply a small amount of concealer at the front of the part, and you're done! So it saves your time.

3. Lays flat

As the material of the skin part wig is skin-based, it will be able to lay flat on the head easily without any adjustment.

4. Affordable

As the skin top part wigs consist of more skin material than skin part wigs, when the material of PU soft is reduced in the wig, it will ultimately reduce the cost of the wig and make it pocket friendly and affordable.

5. Offers hair styling

Skin part wigs can provide you with an offer to make the hairstyles of your choice. You can try all hairstyles when wearing a skin part wig due to a realistic partitioning line.

6. Variety of skin wigs

Skin wigs offer a massive variety in various colors to match the skin tone.

advantage of skin part wig

What are the disadvantages of a skin part wig?

Nothing is perfect in the universe, so pros and cons always walk with each other. When there are outstanding advantages of skin part wig, then there are a few disadvantages as given below:

1. No free parting

The partitioning line can't be moved because the skin part is fixed.

2. Front seam

There is a slight front seam in the human hair wigs with skin parts but can be covered by concealer. However, this option is not much great for covering the seam.

3. Hairline

As in the skin, part wig only partitioning line is made up of skin material while the hairline is composed of machine weft material that will not give a natural look to your hairline as lace front wig show.

Who is a skin part good for?

A skin part wig is a good option for those who do need it badly, so wigs with skin parts can be a good option for the following people:

  • People who struggle to cover the knots of lace wig at partitioning line
  • People who want to get a realistic look
  • People who want to save time and money

How do you take care of your skin part wig?

Your skin part wig requires more attention and care than other wigs to keep clean. You shouldn't wash skin part wigs as you wash your synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs should be washed with designated shampoo and conditioner to let them air dry. Once your natural human hair wig is dry, you can style it with a curling iron set on low. In addition, to keep your wig looking fresher for a long time, you should use the correct wig care products and avoid using regular hairbrushes. By following the below-listed tips, you can use for skin part wig for a long time:

  • Wash your wig regularly after using it
  • Always hang your wig with a wig stand in a straight direction to maintain structure and about tangled
  • Clean the counselor from the skin part wig  before storing it to avoid color patches
  • Avoid hot water, saltwater, and chlorine to prevent any damage to the strands of wefted material of skin top part wig


The skin part wig consists of a soft PU plastic but on a partitioning line, while the rest of the wig is made up of machine weft material. A skin part wig is highly recommended for getting a natural and realistic look while saving time and money. A wig with a skin part is easy to wear because it doesn't require hiding any knots in the hairline.

In addition, a skin part wig offers a variety of hairline styles while preserving the natural look of hair. But as nothing is perfect in the universe, there are some flaws of skin part wig as in the skin part wig the partitioning line is fixed, and only a line is made up of natural PU material which gives not much natural look lace front wig gives. To make it use longer, you should take care of it by following the above-given tips. If you want to buy natural hair wigs, is highly recommended due to its vast diversity of wigs, variety of colors, and good customer reviews.