Fluffy hair has always been welcomed and loved by many people. For us, African American women who want to get beautiful and voluminous hair, choosing a fluffy wig is a better choice than dealing with our natural hair. After all, you can choose and change hairstyles at will to achieve any fluffy hairstyle you want. Today we are going to introduce you to several different fluffy wigs in this blog.

Why Choose Fluffy Wig?

Before learning about why fluffy wig is so popular, we need to understand what fluffy hair is, and what is the difference between it and poofy hair?

In fact, poofy hair generally refers to our natural hair that has a lot of volumes and a frizzy appearance, generally depending on your hair type and texture; while fluffy hair is the hairstyle with a naturally messy and blowout feel.

Fluffy hair can add the volume of your hair visually. When your hair is fluffy enough, your face will look smaller and more delicate in contrast. Compared with flat and smooth hair, it will also give you a stronger sense of hairstyle and design and will make others not only notice your facial features but also pay more attention to the harmonious beauty of your hairstyle and your face.

fluffy hair

What Wigs Are Fluffy?

Then, what kind of wig will create a fluffy feeling? Generally speaking, hair with curls will look more voluminous, and the smaller and more curls the wig has, the more voluminous the hair will look. Although you can make your straight hair wig fluffy with some tools and a series of methods, in comparison, wavy hair and curly hair are more fluffy. Therefore, you can choose some wavy and curly wigs. And we will recommend different hairstyles of fluffy wigs.

Fluffy Wigs Recommended For You

As we said above, wavy and curly hair wigs are more fluffy. We hope that you can find some fluffy wigs you like.

1. 5x5 HD Lace Closure Fluffy Body Wave Wig

The body wave creates some undulations in the hair, so it visually looks more voluminous. And this wig is available in many lengths, 16-40 inches are all in the range for you to choose, so whether you want a long or short fluffy body wave hair wig, we can provide you. I believe this classic body wave hair wig will give you the most beautiful hairstyle and show your unique charm.

body wave

2. Fluffy Highlight Brown Curly Lace Front Wigs

This is a fluffy brown wig with multiple and dense curls together to create a lot of space between the strands of your hair. Therefore, curly wigs are a great fluffy wig option.

The color mix of dark brown and blonde can make your hairstyle look very attractive this spring. And the brown color will match your skin color perfectly. At the same time, golden highlights can also play a role in brightening your complexion. And there are T part and lace front wigs for you to choose from, the lace front wigs are more natural and cost more.

curly wig

3. Short Fluffy Curly Pixie Cut Wig

Pixie is a very classic short haircut and looks very voluminous. This is a really cool wig. And the short and voluminous pixie wigs are about to become more popular in the coming summer. In addition, short wigs are also easier to care for, and you don’t need to spend too much energy and time to style and care for your wig. At the same time, shorter wigs also mean more affordable prices. If you want a fluffy and cool wig in summer, then this fluffy pixie wig you can't miss.

pixie wig

4. T Part Fluffy Loose Deep Wave Wigs

The loose deep wave has more volume, which creates a very voluminous feel. The deep wave is also one of the hairstyles that have always been very popular. When you get a new wig, the curls are very tight, you can use a wide-tooth comb or finger to make your hair look more voluminous. The length range of 14-24 inches can meet your different needs for long hair and wigs.

loose deep wave

5. V Part Kinky Straight Human Hair Wigs

The kinky straight wig is a very fluffy wig that mimics the straightened or relaxed natural hair of African American women. therefore, it can create an extremely natural and fluffy sense. besides, this is a V part wig that is easily installed and taken off. In hot summer, it is very convenient for your natural hair and scalp to relax and breathe. After a long hard work for a whole day, you can take off it at night and relax. And it won't take you too much time to install it the next morning.

kinky straight

6. Fluffy Copper Red Wigs Kinky Curly Monofilament Cap Wig

Because of the curls, the kinky curly wig is more fluffy than kinky straight wigs. This is a kinky straight of copper-red which is very suitable for women with dark skin. If you have been tired of the natural black color, you can try this copper red wig.  

kinky curly


Fluffy hair is the hair look many girls pursue. Today we mainly tell you something about fluffy wigs and recommend 6 fluffy wigs of different hairstyles. Due to space limitations, we can't list them all for you. If you want to know more, you can go to our homepage to see more fluffy wigs.