If you have grown up reading fairytales, then you must have, at some point in time, envied Rapunzel’s hair. How many times did you think: Can I ever get hair so silky, wavy, long, and thick? Well, those were the times when bloom bundle hair didn’t exist!

Today, gals, you can give Rapunzel some competition!

What is bloom bundle hair?

Bloom bundle hair features a collection of hair extension wefts. The wefts are tied together to form bundles and used for weaves. The specialty of the bloom bundle is that the hair is 100 percent virgin hair. Most of the hair comes from Asia. A bundle usually weighs around 95-100g.

However, you must know that hair comes in different textures and volumes. Some may be fluffy, some maybe not. The fluffy ones may look as if there are more weft in the bundle. That’s not so. How the weft looks depends on hair type too. The ounces are the same, but due to differences in texture, some may look heavier or bigger than others.

Who benefits the most from bundle hair?

Hair extensions are for almost everybody. Women with thinning hair benefit the most. But hey, who says hair extensions are only for those with thinning hair? Women with healthy hair can also choose to wear extensions as a change of style. Bloom bundle hair looks so gorgeous you may want to try wearing them at least once.

Whether you are about to attend an important event or simply wish to stun your friends at the university or workplace, get a bloom bundle and transform your looks instantly.

Do you know bloom bundle hair weaves are the closest to natural hair?

They feature soft, silky fibers of high quality. They tangle less and give you a beautiful look and feel of having natural hair over your head.

Types of bundles you can try:

  • Loose deep
  • Loose Wave
  • Deep Wave
  • Natural Wave
  • Water Wave
  • Body wave
  • Wet and curly
  • Straight
  • Kinky straight
  • Kinky curly

Then there are the Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair types.

Bloom bundle reviews

Bloom bundle hair has some raving reviews. Women love it. Here are a few reviews we picked for you. They are taking the internet by storm. It’s not wrong to say that bloom bundle hair extensions promise to create a mark on women’s beauty and hair care sector.

If you are looking for authentic hair, you ought to be finicky in the choice of hair extension suppliers. Avoid jumping to just any hair extension store you come across online or otherwise. Choose only the well-known names in the world of bloom bundle hair.

One of them is Nadula. They are known for providing wigs and bundle hair that are 100 percent real human hair. No synthetic hair here.

Reviews of loose deep wave:

“I love the hair so soft and silky!!!”

“Love how my hair came out. Love the quality & how soft it is... I brought a lace front & 4 bundles.”

 “Very nice soft hair. I enjoyed it. My 4th order with Nadula.”

bloom bundle loose deep wave hair

Reviews of body wave:

“Hair was pretty and didn’t Matt up.”

“I absolutely LOVE this hair. It’s really soft and worth the money that was spent. I will definitely be ordering more.”

“This hair/company is the ONLY company I buy bundles from the quality the fast delivery and the longevity… I’m a teenager we are bad with our hair my mom bought this hair I have installed it 3 different times in 1 year that was 2020 I just bought new bundles only for long hair I love nature.”

“The hair is super soft and bouncing! no shedding! this is my second time ordering this hair I love it and it's very low maintenance. def recommend.”

bloom bundle body wave hair

Reviews of curly hair:

“I made a wig unit for a client. she loves it!!!! I co-washed the hair and used a leave-in conditioner and setting foam to set it. I absolutely love this hair myself...As a salon owner & stylist, this hair is the best hair.”

“I just bought this hair, it came bundles to true length, it's beautiful, the curl pattern is amazing and the texture is so soft and curly. I haven't installed it yet but so far it's great hair. I received my hair within 4 days. Very affordable.”

“Okay, Guys. so I am not one to really leave reviews. it's just not my thing, HOWEVER. I had to leave a review about this Hair. I'm always skeptical when it comes to ordering hair online however this Hair is truly AMAZING. Curly hair at that!. Guys the trick to taking care of curly hair is keeping it moisturized. Yes, it does shed however every curly hair sheds. the shedding is very minimal tho.”

bloom bundle curly hair

How to take care of bloom bundle wet and curly hair?

A little care and you can flaunt your bloom bundle hair like a fairy. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Comb hair gently. Start from the tip and move upwards to remove tangles. Avoid brushing curls, if you may.
  • Wash hair with a gentle shampoo.
  • Do not use hot water.
  • Apply conditioner.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly.
  • Avoid wringing the hair or rubbing the strands against each other. Simply squeeze hair to remove extra water.
  • Wrap with a soft fiber towel for a few minutes.
  • Remove the towel and let the hair air dry. No hot styling products, please.

One of the hottest tips to have your wet and curly hair all glossy and happy is to keep them well-moisturized.

Get your bloom bundle today and transform your looks. Whether you love it blonde, brunette, Brazilian, or Indian, you ought to try this hair extension. This is one of the trendiest hair extensions of 2022.