Are you looking for the hair bundles that suit you? Are you searching for the hair bundle price list template? To better help you find hair bundles that suit you in styles and price, we will provide you with the price list of Nadula hair products in this post.

What Is a Hair Bundle?

The common term "bundle of hair" refers to a single weft hair extension piece. The standard weight of bundles is 3.5 oz or 100 grams. The common lengths of bundles range from 10" - 32" long. The origin can vary from Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian, and more.

Most bundles are designed into a dark brown or natural black color also known as a 1B. Of course, you can find many other bundle colors, such as browns, reds, blonde, burgundy, and so on. Three bundles of hair are generally referred to as bundle deals. But sometimes, people purchase four bundles to get a fluffy or more voluminous hair look.

The Source of Hair

Hair bundles are divided into two categories, one is made of synthetic hair, and the other is human hair. The former is more affordable, and the latter has better quality. In the current market of hair products, the price range of synthetic hair is close to $50.00-$85.00. 

All of Nadula's hair is made of 100% human hair, divided into Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, and Peruvian hair. The price range of hair bundles in Nadula approximately is $59.00-$500.00 according to different lengths, styles, and hair sources. In the following sections, we will show you the hair bundle price list.

Hair Bundle Price List

We sort all the hair wave bundles into 3 kinds, including wave hair bundles, straight hair bundles, and curly hair bundles. And we divide the lengths into short, middle, and long hairs.

There are 3 lists to help you check the different prices according to the textures, the lengths, the quantities of hair bundles. The bundles marked with two kinds of price means there are two different prices of hair bundles in Nadula.

1. Wavy hair bundles

There are many kinds of wave hair bundles. They can be divided into 5 kinds, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, water wave, and natural wave hair bundles. Body wave hair bundles have the most kinds of products, and you can buy one bundle, 3 bundles, or 4 bundles.

If you are not sure whether the wave bundle suits you, you can choose one bundle, if you are satisfied with the waves when you get it, you can purchase more. Generally speaking, 3 bundles are enough. If you prefer fuller hair, you can purchase 4 bundles. The longer the hair and the more bundles you choose, the higher the price is.

wavy bundles price list

2. Straight hair bundles

The second one is the straight bundle hair price list. There are two kinds of straight hair bundles, straight hair bundles, and kinky straight bundles. We can provide one bundle of straight hair for you. From the list, you can see that the minimum length of straight hair bundles is 10 inches, and the maximum length is 30 inches. If you like smooth and flat hair, straight hair bundles will suit you perfectly.

The other kind is kinky straight hair bundles. They mimic the look and texture of chemically straightened or relaxed natural hair, which will be wonderful for the girls with relaxed natural hair. They are natural colors, so they can blend with your own hair naturally. If you want to add volume to your own hair, kinky straight hair bundles are good choices. And there are only 3 and 4 kinky straight bundles for sale.

straight bundles price list

3. Curly hair bundles

The last is the curly hair bundle. Curly hair bundles include curly hair bundles and kinky curly bundles. There is no 1 bundle of curly hair on sale. The range of the two kinds of bundles’ length is 8-26 inches.

Curly hair bundles have bigger curls than kinky curly bundles. Kinky curly bundles have the same basic characters as the kinky straight. Both two kinds of curly hair bundles are natural colors. If you like colored hair, you can bleach and dye them into any color you like. There is no need to worry about the quality because they are all made of 100% human hair.

curly hair bundles price list

Hair Bundles with Closure

If you want to restyle all your hair, you can choose a hair closure with bundles. Four kinds of closures can be provided for you, 4x0.75 T part closure, 4x4 lace closure, 5x5 lace closure, and 13x4 lace frontal.

The lace of T part closure can only cover the seam of the middle part, which means that you can not do the free part with it. 4x4 and 5x5 closures can cover the top of your head. They are more breathable and versatile than T part closure. Frontal can cover your hairline from ear to ear. You can do the free part and will feel more comfortable and breathable with it.

If you are interested in the bundles with closure, the specifics are shown on the selling page.


In the above hair bundle price lists, we only list the general situation about the prices of the hair bundles. Maybe you are curious about how we price the hair bundles, you can check the details of different products’ prices on the homepage of Nadula. The length, texture, quantity, and color are important elements to decide how to price hair bundles to sell.

Besides, there are some discounts for you now so that you can get your favorable hair bundles at an affordable price. For example, you want low price Brazilian hair bundles, you can pick the Brazilian bundles you like and add them to your cart, and then visit our coupon code page to get more discounts.

If you have any questions about the prices, please feel free to contact our service. Welcome you to consult and purchase our products.