Let me start by saying, the sender sent me this message on Aug 28 "Can you please leave us all 5 stars then you can enjoy $3 off in your new order.” I waited because I don't care about $3 lol.

I just got back from Cuba today (I left Aug 30). I wanted to see if this brazilian curly hair weave actually held up and BABY! It did!!! This hair looked so natural. The shedding is minimal and only due to this being curly hair and only happens when I continuously run my fingers through it cause it was so damn soft!!!  The curl pattern is really nice and the texture of the hair is soft. There was no terrible smell; it was more of a factory smell.

Nadula's customer-Susan

I used no product, I only washed with my Aussie conditioner (perfect for virgin hair) and that's it.  I was at the beach everyday for a week and this hair loved water and hot weather.

My mom was sold and made me order some for her just a minute ago. I will definitely purchase this again.

I posted some pictures so you can see how it looked. I had 2 18s and a 16 in case it didn't show. I used all packs (just a few of the 18 left over) on a wig cap. I am going to do a video of my bundles I got in August that held up on vacation.

 jerry curly hair

Plus, here are some tips about hair care for curly weave hairstyles.

Curls are delicate things and excessive styling is the fastest way to make them fall apart. Do not brush or comb your curly weave when it is dry. Many people do not realize the damage this can do to curly hair. Curly hair is already more susceptible to breaking off and when you attempt to comb through the curls when its dry you are just begging to break off some hair ends by tugging on knots and tangles.

Curly hair tends to be difficult to manage during the rainy season. Besides, human hair weaves need more attention and care! You would particularly notice curly hair weaves tend to get frizzy when the weather turns damp. In that case, you must use a good conditioner and an anti-frizz serum. Avoid an excessive use of the hair dryer.

While hair is moist or damp, avoid brushing the same. Simply run your fingers through your hair and detangle the ends.  If you're pressed for time and need to dry it fast use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. This way your curls won't frizz or flatten.

Always ensure you have a very light and easy to use cream based moisturizer for your hair. You can use this on your curly weave hairdo to help retain the natural shine of the hair.

Use these tips for curly weave hairstyles and go in for a makeover without any hassles!!!!!