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Are you a fancier of extensions hair? Are you willing to shop for the Brazilian deep wavy hair? If you like deep curly or just want to wear curly hair now? The Brazilian virgin deep wave hair will satisfy you easily as it can give you an extremely natural look and awesome flexibility.

Nadula loose deep wave Brazilian hair can blends well with both relaxed and natural hair types. This hair has a natural thickness that gives a lot of body and versatility once installed. All the cuticles of the deep curl Brazilian hair are intact and run in the same direction. Heat and color can be safely applied to this 100% Virgin for a beautiful, customized look. All cuticles are intact.

brazilian hair deep wave

   Differences Between Brazilian Hair Curly and Brazilian hair deep wave

1.Brazilian Hair Curly

Jerry curly hairstyle has become the most popular hairstyle in 2017. There are Brazilian curly hair, Peruvian curly hair, Malaysian curly hair and Indian curly hair in Nadula hair mall. Compared to deep wave hair, curly hair has tighter curl. Virgin curly human hair has a natural looking and it is really soft and bouncy. These curly human hair extensions will be perfect for ladies who are natural and still have weaves done and want to have some hair left out. Curly hair bundles can blend well with any naturally textured hair. Moreover, curly hair weave is easy to manage and requires less maintenance.

2.Brazilian Hair Deep Wave

Deep wave hair pattern is close to Jerry curly pattern. Nadula hair online store offers Brazilian deep curly virgin hair. Deep wave hair bundles have a tighter curl than body wave, loose wave or natural wave hair, but they have the same texture with top quality. Brazilian deep wave curly hair texture flows have smooth waves and it looks really luxurious and boosts your hair. Certainly, good and proper maintenance is necessary to keep the hair a longer lifetime.

Brazilian virgin deep wave hair

How To Care Brazilian deep wave curly hair?

Deep curly Brazilian hair, as the most popular hair, of course, is used a lot. Therefore, the way to care for deep wave should be shared to most of the people.

1. Avoid heat from the sun. When out of the door, additional use of any heat styling products will damage your hair because the sun rays are so strong. So we should just avoid some of the products to keep our hair is in a natural and safe condition.

2. Keep conditioner on the hair. Wrap a towel around your hair after putting conditioner to the dry and frizzy loose deep Brazilian hair areas and leave overnight. Then you will find your virgin Brazilian deep curly hair is so soft and no frizz.

3. Hot oil washing. As we all know that olive oil penetrates easily into the loose deep Brazilian hair shaft. So just put shampoo on the hair as usual, then massage in oil from ends to roots to make sure the hair has gotten nutrition to form the oil. Then wash it slightly and you will find your deep wave Brazilian hair weave is softer to touch and much more hydrated.

4. keep its original sates. After a daytime exposing into the sun, we need to care for our natural loose deep Brazilian hair to keep its good condition. After a lot of steps of caring, then you can restyle the hair to keep its curls with a proper electric curling rod, then put some conditioner on it to make it curl more natural and shiny, just like deep wave human hair.

loose deep wave Brazilian hair

                                      Choose The Cost-Effective Wavy Brazilian Hair

As we all know, except the maintaining, choosing sometimes seems more important. So when we decide to get some hair bundles or to change the hairstyles to deep wave and curly hair, please choose the best cost-effective virgin human hair bundles, especially the Brazilian or Malaysian deep wave curly hair which is very hot selling among African American women. If you need any lace closure or lace frontal for a DIY wig, Nadula hair company is the best choice for all the kind of hair texture hair pieces.

Of course, deep condition Brazilian hair will be necessary if you want to be high grade and long lasting hair. So virgin Brazilian hair and Remy Brazilian hair will satisfy you. Please do not forget to check whether is it virgin first before you make the order.