Often said to be sourced from the rural regions of Brazil, this virgin hair is thick, soft and naturally wavy.  Although the ethnic makeup of the people of Brazil is diverse and would allow for beautiful hair textures, Brazilians do not regularly donate their hair to be processed.  

There are many different styles of hair from various regions that are labeled virgin Brazilian.  More than the country of origin, the label Brazilian actually refers to the texture.  Brazilian hair tends to be smooth and shiny and ranges in natural color from light brown to black.  It can also be diverse in texture and grade.  You can find natural virgin Brazilian hair that is straight, curly and or wavy.  Because of that versatility, most women of color prefer virgin Brazilian hair extensions. 

Most hair stylists will tell you that Virgin Brazilian Hair is the best type of human hair extensions you can buy.  What makes the hair virgin is its treatment. The only hair that has not been processed, meaning permed or dyed, where the cuticle is still intact is virgin hair.  

Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Brazilian Body wave is one of the most common types of Brazilian hair on the market. This hair has the soft wavy texture common with donors of mixed Spanish, Native Indian & African ancestry. This hair is coarse and has a natural wave. It is often dark brown and has lots of bounce and body. 

 Ebin is a vlogger who appreciates quality, yet affordable virgin hair extensions. Her channel is filled with hair and beauty product reviews and we looked forward to what she had to say about our virgin Brazilian body wave hair. Here are some highlights of what she said: 

brizilian body wave review

Hi, beauties!

I found the brand ‘Nadula’ in a video of testimonial on Youtube and the hair company say they have already engaged in virgin human hair business more than 15 years, and have a professional team. Unprocessed natural hair burnishes give you healthy, comfortable feeling.

So I decided to place my very first order on Nadula shop a few months ago. I ordered three bundles (16″x3) and a lace closure (16″) of virgin Brazilian body wave hair from a vendor called Nadula Hair. The shipping from China was super-fast and it only took 2-3 days for the package to come to the USA.

Once I received the hair I washed the hair with conditioner before sewing the hair onto a wig-cap. The texture of the hair is “body wave” which means that the hair should be slightly wavy, after the first wash the waves were still there. While washing the hair I feel no smell, which goes to say that the hair was naturally virgin. Also, the bundles were quite thick and I ended up using three bundles of hair with the lace closure.

The bundles are full and look just like the picture. I did a shed test on each bundle and I got no strands. I’m very pleased with the quality of the hair and my first experience with Nadula Shop was awesome!  I would definitely recommend this vendor.  Please share if you have any experience with any hair product from Nadula shop.


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