I'm not even going to lie to you guys, this hair review took me for a completely different spin. Now, when I first got this unit, I did not expect it to look this cute, this freaking bomb. Now, the color kind of threw me off in the beginning, but when they actually asked me, if I wanted to review this, I was like you know what let me go ahead and give it a try, it came to me way better than I expected guys this unit is absolutely stunning, so this unit is a 13 by 4 lace frontal wig, and it is a highlight wig.

Effortless Balayage highlight jerry curly holiday wig reviews

Effortless Balayage highlight jerry curly holiday wig reviews

Obviously, you can see the colors kind of like a blonde 27 color, which is the highlight. This is 180 density, as you can see that this is kind of like a jerry curl type of texture. It's very curly and kinky.Effortless Balayage highlight jerry curly holiday wig reviews
This is a straight out-of-the-box install. It did not use any glue sprays or anything like that I literally just fluffed this out and kept it pushing. Obviously, as you can tell now one reason, why I was able to do this one with this unit is because this unit actually fit my head to the tee, so if obviously look once I lift it up right here, you don't see anything now for me.

Effortless Balayage highlight jerry curly holiday wig reviews

What is Balayage highlight jerry curly holiday wig?

I don't think baby hair is necessary with this unit, there's no point, especially because you want to really emphasize this kinky kind of pretty texture in this color, obviously, I did go ahead and cut in a little bit of baby hair, but I didn't mold them down or anything.What is Balayage highlight jerry curly holiday wig?
I just kind of let them sparingly, so therefore in case the wind blows, you'll still get a little bit of baby hair, but look how natural it looks, it's just falling nice and messy, and it kind of goes along with the hair as well, which I really like.What is Balayage highlight jerry curly holiday wig?
Now, one thing I do wish that they did was add kinky baby hair to this one. Maybe kinky baby hair would have been better, but even the soft ones look really pretty. Now, obviously, you saw in the front of this hair, I just cut like a light layer. I felt like a light layer just kind of set the hair off as well too.What is Balayage highlight jerry curly holiday wig?
I'm not sure what it's going to look like. Once I wet it, I'm pretty sure it's going to give the same curl pattern, but it's just going to be a lot looser, especially when you wet it after you co-wash the unit, but I wanted to show it to you guys shout out the box and show you that you could literally take this out of the box and style it, and go very cute guys like I said the color was a shocker for me because this color is shocking the texture popping like this looks very fun, very vibrant, just giving vibes now.What is Balayage highlight jerry curly holiday wig?
It came to me in the middle of part style, and I think for her hair with this type of curl pattern, and color density a middle part looks better. I think a side part would just be too heavy, too much heavy here, on one side even though this is 180 density. It's not the largest density 180 density, is pretty thick and because this is a kinky texture, it just makes it a little bit thicker, so I don't think a side part will really do any justice, but the middle part slaps like this middle part in color definitely slaps like this looks five-year.

How to cut the layers on the highlight jerry curly holiday wig

If you don't want to cut the layers in the front, you don't have to, but for the purpose of the video and show you how I would rock this hair, especially straight out of the box, and it has somewhere to go. I'm quickly cutting the layers and fluffing them out like I showed you. I didn't over-fluff it too much, just because I want to keep some of the hair kind of uniforms, so what I would do with this unit is just wear as strictly as a glueless unit popping on, and off at night just so that I can maintain some of the curl patterns, and I don't have to go in and wet it, even if I do decide to get it that's fine.
I do have an up-and-coming trip. I could definitely take this on the trip and wear glueless like this one, and enjoy my trip and even go in the water wash, and let it air dry this is a fabulous color combination. Like I said I believe it's like a 27 color mixed with a natural 1B color, and it just looks gorgeous.


I wouldn't even go with a brown base color for this unit. I think that this dark color with the highlights is just giving a kiss, so shout out to the hair company for this one very naturally. I did not put any glue or any type of products on this hair whatsoever straight out of the box same-day install, you really can't beat it 13 by 4 unit that fits my head to the tee, so it ends basically right here and here, and you just kind of style it to get your little kinky look on for the summertime look at.