Pink hair blends lighter shades of red on lighter hair. Pink hair is no longer a women's hair trend exclusively for the bold type. Especially this summer, more and more girls express that they want to try completely new hair color. And pink hair is one of them and has recently made a splash in the hair industry. Today, this blog will briefly outline some of the information noteworthy features of pink wigs.

Does 2022 have pink hair?

Of course! Pink hair is all the rage. No matter on celebrities or ordinary people, you can see pink hair looks all over the place. For example, Doja Cat's pink hair, which is widely concerned and sought after, and Cardi B, who is well known to everyone, also released a pink hairstyle in an Ins post in June. Nicki Minaj showed us her pink hair on the ins platform a few days ago as well.

Other than that, I believe you must have seen pink hair in various hairstyles on online platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. Therefore, no doubt, pink hair is still a very trendy hairstyle in 2022.

Nicki Minaj pink hair

What Does Pink Hair Symbolize?

When it comes to pink, what will occur in your mind? Light and bright pink is such a happy color because of its pastel shade. According to Merrick, a fashion stylist and the founder of Aura Wear NYC, the color pink is associated with a long list of traits: "gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, caring, sweetness, compassion, tenderness, nurturance, and deference." "When it comes to our auras this color is very strategic. It's all about romance, nostalgia, and love," she explains.

How To Get Pink Hair?

Many girls have the same confusion: Is pink hair hard to keep? Even though pink hair is charming, we have to tell you that, unfortunately, pink hair fades fast, so you're going to need to stay on top of the upkeep. And to get pink hair, you need to bleach your natural hair many times until it turns into light blonde hair. This is a multi-step process, which will damage your natural hair. And after bleaching and dyeing, it also needs a very careful condition to keep the color and luster.

Therefore, if you would not like to take the risk of damaging your natural hair, it is a good way to get a pink wig instead of bleaching and dyeing your hair. If you want a natural and durable pink wig, we recommend a human hair pink wig. Besides, you can also dye it with your lightest blonde wig. If you want a brighter and long-lasting wig, you can choose synthetic pink wigs.

long curly hair wigs

What Skin Tone Pink Wigs Suit?

Just like all the hair colors, there are no exact rules or limits for what skin tones pink hair is better for. If you are not sure about the shade that will suit you best, please consult your stylist.

As a general rule of thumb, pink hair is perfect for lighter and fairy skin. If you have a lighter skin tone, you can try any pink shade. For the girls with dark skin, please go all out! Opt for those bold bright pink shades of fuchsia, cerise, and magenta. They will give you a truly unique and playful hair look. This is a good choice to brighten your skin tone and make you look fresh and bright. If you have olive skin, there is a huge range of pink colors for you. Go for any shade you like from rose gold to bubble gum and know you will look incredible.

Inspirations About Pink Hair Wigs

For those who have not a certain idea about which pink hairstyle to choose, there are various inspirations for you.

1. Body Wave Pink Hair Wig

body wave pink hair wig

2. Pink And Black Ombre Wig

 Pink And Black Ombre Wig

3. Braided Pink Wigs

Braided Pink Wigs

4. Pink Afro Wigs

Pink Afro Wigs

5. Blonde And Pink Wavy Wigs

Blonde And Pink Wavy Wigs

6. Pink Curly Wig

pink curly wig

7. Short Pink Bob Wig

short bob pink wig

8. Wet Pink Wig

Wet Pink Wig


As a sizzling hair color trend right now, pink wigs are perfect items to refresh your hair look, which are definitely worth trying. If at some point in your lives, whether that was 10 years or two days ago, the thought of going pink has crossed your mind, however brief that moment may have been, then why don't you try it?