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Have you ever worn curly Brazilian hair or curled your Brazilian hair before? You must be nerve-racking of maintaining it, especially in summer. When styling curly hair, there are some primary factors to consider in getting the look you want: the right cut, a hairstyle that works with your natural texture, and the best product for the job.

How To wear curly Hair - Long, Short, or Somewhere in Between?

The length to wear curly virgin Brazilian hair will depend upon the amount of damage you have, the texture of your hair, and how thick or thin it is. If your curly hair is seriously damaged, a shorter cut will be the fastest way to restore it to better health. If your hair is naturally wavy or kinky and fairly healthy, a longer style will help weigh it down and tone down the frizz. If your curly hair is thick or wavy, you can wear it shorter by having multiple layers cut or cut thin. A good razor cut can be a good way to reduce heaviness in thick. If your hair is thin, ask your stylist to add just a few simple layers to make it appear thicker. Read on!

What Products Work Best When Styling Curly Hair?

When you choose the product for curly hair, you'd better consider buying them with less alcohol which is good for curly hair, they won't damage curly hair.

Shampoo Tips For Curly Hair

When shopping for a shampoo formulated for frizzy hair, please look for those with natural oils. Don't wash your Brazilian curly weave with shampoo more than twice a week if possible; shampooing too frequently can strip your hair and create more frizz. If your hair needs a pick-me-up, use a dry shampoo in between washing.

Conditioner Tips For Curly Hair

When selecting a conditioner for curly hair, look for one with moisturizers such as aloe, glycerol, panthenol, or proteins. Active components such as macadamia nut oil, argan oil, shea butter, or wild briar oil coat each strand of hair with a fine protective layer and help make Brazilian kinky curly hair or Brazilian deep curly hair lay flat.

Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment Tips

Protective products such as hair serum or a protective gloss or gel get your frizzy hair ready to face the day after shampooing and conditioning. For more intense hydration on frizzy hair, use a treatment mask once a week, or a hot oil treatment once a month to deep condition.

For quick pick-me-ups during the day, detangling spray can be spritzed on your curly Brazilian hair or curly Indian hair weave. Just spray it on and run your fingers through your curly parts to calm them down.