With the development of the times and people's constant pursuit of beauty, hair extension is no longer the exclusive product for hair loss patients. Everyone can change their look by wearing natural hair extensions or wigs in several minutes, although they have long natural hair. It is not difficult. Because of this increase in popularity in 2018, hair extensions sales exploded to 1.25 billion and it’s expected to jump another 20% by the year 2022!

With large demand, there are so many real hair extension manufacturers and traders entered into this field. Meanwhile, some Initial users will ask how do hair extensions work? What should we do if we are searching for the right and perfect hair extensions? Here we have scoured the most reliable information about how do hair extensions work and how to select the best hair extensions. Hope it can help you somehow.

natural hair extensions

How do hair extensions work?

Find the quality extensions for short hair

 Find the Best Hair Texture

Everyone has a different kind of hair texture. People can have curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, thick, thin, and everything between. To make sure hair extensions blend in nicely and look natural, the extensions hair should match the texture of the natural hair. Here the hair textures we are talking about are all real human hair, not synthetic. Because only real human hair extensions can blend well with natural hair.

The origin of the hair used in the extensions can make a big difference. Generally speaking, the Brazilian hair, Indian hair are more likely to be thick strands and Russian hair is a bit finer.

Another thing to consider is hair extensions for women with natural texture hair. Women who have hair untouched by chemical relaxers fall into the natural hair texture category.

Women with natural hair also are the biggest demographic that buys hair extensions. A whopping 70% of the total sales of hair extensions are to women with natural hair! Every wise stylist is sure to have some knowledge of natural hair and the best extensions for those women.

There are several types of hair extensions on the market, the common types are sew in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, and I tip hair extensions. Besides, you will find hair closures, hair wigs, and other types. Here we will share how do tape in hair extensions work and how do clip in hair extensions work?

how do tape in hair extensions work?

Tape in hair extensions are the newest kind of semi-permanent hair extensions, and most stylists prefer this method. Hair extensions tape is also fashionable and popular these years. Two thin layers of wefts sandwich your natural strands and then heated to seal the bond. To ensure the bond is secure, do not wash the hair for 3 days after installation.

As with any semi-permanent extensions, you need to spend a bit of time caring for your hair to keep it looking chic, but you can still do all your favorite activities like hitting the gym or the beach! The tape in extensions on short hair is the best choice if you want convenient semi-permanent hair extensions.

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how do clip in hair extensions work?

real hair clip in extensions or clip on hair extensions is the easiest extensions to apply and remove. For the women who like to change up their hairstyle every other night, this is the clip in hair styles to reach for.

Go from voluminous mermaid waves to a beautiful bob in a few minutes or add a few wefts of colored Remy human hair clip in extensions for a funky “night on the town” look. Possibilities are endless with clip-ins!

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How do sew in hair extensions work?

Sew in human hair extensions are often used by black women. They often sew in on the natural hair braids by using the special needle and thread. It also is called sew in weave or weft hair extensions. The” old-school” method of installing semi-permanent hair extensions is where the stylist sews wefts of hair to attached micro braids. Though this method is most often applied to natural hair, it is also possible to sew extensions into finer, straighter hair.

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All these are about how do hair extensions work. When you consider installing the high quality hair extensions, you need to consider the hair extensions cost. For the most cost-conscious consumer, the clip-in hair extensions will get you the most bang for your buck. Because they are removable, clip-in extensions will last longer than the ones bonded to your hair because they are not as quick to get dirty or damaged. Even if you are choosing clip-ins, remember to look for authentic Remy hair so you can color and style it like your natural hair.