Do you have such troubles in your daily life? Always worry that your wig will slip off accidentally, such as strong wind, accidental pulling, etc., which may cause your wig to fall off. When this happens, it is very embarrassing. So what do you usually use to keep your lace wig in place? Most people tend to choose glue, and it is indeed a method that most people will use.

Today we want to introduce another method to fix your wig——wig tapes. If you have never tried to use wig tapes, then we hope this blog will help you get a comprehensive understanding of wig tapes.

What Is Wig Tape?

Wig tape also called a double-sided wig tape that is safe to apply to your skin surface and comes in different strengths and shapes, including stripes, dots, rolls, or single sheets.  

wig tape 1

If you find that there are silicon stripes at the two sides of your wig in front of your ears,  you can add a bit of wig tape to each side to ensure that your wig will never fall off because of strong wind or external pull.

If your wig doesn't have silicone inside, you can cut a small piece and sew it into the inside of the wig, a place to stick your wig tape and keep your wig 100% secure!

How To Use Wig Tapes?

Wig tapes are used to adhere lace-front wigs to the scalp. Securing the wig in this manner allows for a stronghold and will offer a natural appearance. Careful preparation of the hair and scalp will ensure an attractive and long-lasting result. Followings are the steps to use wigs tapes for you.

wig tape 2

1. Wash And Braid Your Natural Hair

Firstly, prepare your natural for the lace wigs installation. Wash your hair and dry it with a hairdryer or towel. After that, braid your hair into cornrows braids if you have long hair and make a low bun or ponytail if you have only short hair. Then put on a wig cap. Now, you have completed all the preparatory steps.

2. Clean The Skin Around Your Hairline

Give your face a basic clean and towel dry. Then dampen a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe it along the skin bordering your hairline, which will remove oils that will prevent the wig tape from adhering to your skin.

Besides, you must make sure that all fine hairs along the hairline are smoothed or pinned back with bobby pins so they won't adhere to the tape. Removing the tape can be quite painful if this precaution is not followed.

3. Apply Hair Protector

Protecting your skin is essential at any time, especially if you have sensitive skin. So remember to apply a thin layer of scalp protector or liquid band-aid to the skin below the hairline. This will prevent the adhesive from damaging the skin.

4. Apply Wig Tapes

Take your wig tapes and cut them into several pieces so they will follow the contour of your hairline. Then peel away one side of the paper of the wig tape and position each strip under the perimeter of your hairline. Next, remove the upper paper backing from the wig tape in the center of your forehead, position the center of the wig along with the exposed piece of wig tape, and press firmly to secure.

Last, just follow along the contour of the hairline, removing the tape backing and pressing the wig down to secure. Make sure that the wig is pulled firmly as you attach it to each section of wig tape.

How To Remove Wig Tapes?

Now that we know how to apply wig tapes, we should also know how to remove them. There is an effective way of removing the wig without tearing your skin or the wig.

The easiest way to remove wig tape is to use a solvent or alcohol-based adhesive remover. Firstly, dip a cotton ball in the solvent or alcohol and gently dab along the hairline to release the adhesion. Then Slowly lift the wig until it is completely free from the wig tapes. Never try to force it, or the delicate lace wig will be damaged. If its still difficult to remove, keep going with the adhesive remover until it comes loose.

After taking off your wig, you can continue to use adhesive remover to clean the remainder of the wig tapes. Basic cleaning and moisturizing after doing this are necessary to there is no residual adhesive remover on your skin or hair.


Having a secured wig can give you enough confidence and make you enjoy your favorite wigs. We hope you can get the way to apply lace wig tapes. Wig tapes and glue are good choices to help you fix your wig. You can decide what to use according to your habits.