People who are not familiar with lace closure weave will ask, what is bleaching knots on lace closure? Bleaching knots is applying bleach to your lace closure. Why do you have to bleach the knots? Some people think that the knots on the closure look obvious, after being bleached, they will not visible anymore and so you can achieve the most natural-looking scalp while wearing your closure.

What Do I need to bleach my knots?

1. Bleach

2. Developer

3. Aluminum Foil

4. Mixing bowl

5. Mixing brush to apply bleach

6. Blow dryer (optional)

7. T pins (optional)

8. Mannequin head (optional)

9. Plastic Cap (optional)

The bleach most newbies use is by Kaleidocolors in Violet. The developer I used is Clairol Professional Soy 4 Plex Pure White Creme Developer, 30 volume. You don't have to use these exact same products for bleaching. But I do recommend that you use a 20 or 30 volume developer. I don't recommend you use a 40 volume developer especially if you plan on bleaching your knots for the first time because it does process faster.

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bleaching knots on lace closure Step By Step

Step 1: Pour some of the bleach in the mixing bowl. If you are using the same bleach that I'm using that comes in a small packet, don't pour all of the bleach out because all of it is not needed for the lace frontal or lace closure. Then pour some developer in with the bleach. Stir. You want your bleach mixture to be THICK so when you apply the mixture to your closure, the bleach won't seep through. If the bleach seeps through the lace, it can accidentally bleach the roots of the hair and you don't want that! Your mixture SHOULDN'T be runny at all.

Step 2: Place your closure on a piece of aluminum foil. Before you apply the bleach to your lace front closure pieces, if your closure has baby hairs, pin them with clips to make sure they are out of the way. Then flip your closure over so that it is facing the lace grid side.

Step 3: With your mixing brush, GENTLY dab the bleach onto the lace. Make sure you apply enough bleach to the lace to ensure you are bleaching all of the knots. Once you're done applying the bleach, turn your lace closure or 360 lace closure over right side up and then cover the lace closure in the aluminum foil.

Once you’ve covered all the areas that you want bleached, grab some foil (or Saran wrap  (I’ve used both before) and cover the closure. Be sure to frequently check on the closure to see if the knots are beginning to change colors.

I checked mine every 5-7 minutes and it was done to my liking in about 25 minutes. THIS CAN VARY BASED ON PRODUCTS! Most people use 30 developers – if you use 20, it could take longer and if you use 40 it could process quicker. I would only recommend 40 developers for bleaching knots if have experience with it.

bleaching knots on lace closure

Step 4: Check your closure every 5 minutes. To check it, you would flip your closure over the right side up like in the pic below to see if the knots have lifted. I left my bleach on my closure for about 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure you keep the bleach on until the knots on the closure AREN'T noticeable anymore. Also, this is very important, you don't want to rinse your closure out when you see that your knots have turned orange. Wait until the knots turn a honey blonde color (NOT platinum blonde) then rinse out. This is very important because you want to wait until your closure surpasses that orange stage and become blonde or you will have a brassy lace closure.

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Step5: After you rinse your closure out, wash your closure with a neutralizing shampoo to stop the processing of the chemicals from the bleach. Leave the shampoo on lace front closure weave for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse out. You can also use Shimmer lights shampoo. Afterward, condition your closure. Once you're done, your closure should look like mine. The knots shouldn't be brassy at all and the lace closure should blend easily in with your skin. Hope this helps someone. Good luck with bleaching your closure!

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You can check the video also:



If you take a look at the before picture on the left – you can see little black specs (unbleached knots). If you have a few leftovers after the bleaching is done, you can also use tweezers in order to remove any excess knots that did not take the bleach. This method is also suitable for lace frontal closure wig.

Key Points:

1. Don't pour out all the bleach because all of it is NOT needed.

2. Make sure you DON'T make the bleach mixture runny at all. It NEEDS to be thick.

3. Make sure all the baby hairs are out of the way BEFORE you begin bleaching your closure.

4. Keep the bleach on until all the knots AREN'T noticeable anymore.

5. Make sure you apply enough bleach to the closure to ensure you got all the knots.

6. Wait until your knots turn a honey blonde color NOT platinum blonde! then rinse the bleach out.

7. Wash lace closure with Neutralizing shampoo to stop the processing of the chemicals from the bleach. Or you can use Shimmer Lights shampoo.