Beauties want to make the hair extension color accordance with their own hair after they install the human hair extensions.This may be a common requirement needed by the customers who have bought human hair extensions or human hair weave.For example, dye Brazilian hair. You can do anything with human hair extensions that you can do to your natural hair.This including dyeing, heat styling and chemically processing it.Many weave wearers dye extensions to get an exact match to their natural hair color. It's very effective and turns out beautiful.nadula Brazilian hair extensions

For all of the hair extensions, do keep in mind that Virgin hair extensions are the best type of weaves for dyeing your hair. Virgin Remy hair extensions have not been chemically processed in any way, so they can be dyed without causing hardly any damage to your hair.

nadula Brazilian hair extensions

The important thing you need to care is to avoid overly harsh chemicals, virgin Remy extensions can be lightened or darkened as natural hair. Experts advise that you should not attempt to dye non-Remy hair weaves. This kind of hair and synthetic hair extensions have been chemically treated, which strips the strands to their weakest. They are generally not strong enough to be dyed.

nadula Brazilian hair extensions

Prepared things:

1.Brazilian hair weaves

2.Hair dye, Hair conditioner, Shampoo

3.A wide tooth comb

4.A dry towel

5.A pair of latex gloves

6.An applicator bottle

7.Aluminum foil

For the Brazilian hair weaves, you must make sure that the hair is virgin human hair which has not been overly treated with chemicals or dyed.Or the color effect will be weakened.For other items, you can buy from a beauty supply store or salon.You should avoid purchasing hair dye from a box at the drugstore because it will be a lot more difficult to match your hair color that way unless you're going for an ombre or colored effect.

Begin to dye step by step:

Step1: Use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair extensions after disentangling it.and then wash hair extension to make sure conditioner and other stylish hair products can be washed away.After then you can dry the hair extension with a towel.

Step2: Make sure you have a pair of latex gloves and read hair color instructions before mixing the color.pour hair color into the applicator bottle and shake it will ensure the color is mixed thoroughly.

Step3: Apply your Brazilian virgin hair bundles with dye as soon as the color mixture is ready.Comb it so that the dye can be evenly coated.then use the aluminum foil to cover it when the dying is completed.

Step4: Use warm water to wash the hair extensions thoroughly so that the extra color from the weaves can be rinsed.wash the extension with shampoo after all extra color is wash out.apply conditioner to hair extension and comb it gently.

Finally, use cold water to wash your colored hair for removing conditioner.and then it's the best way to air dry the hair bundles, but you can use a blow dryer if you leave home in a hurry.

All of the things have finished about coloring Brazilian hair.Is it very easy to do by yourself at home?