Synthetic wigs are one type of common wigs that many people tend to choose. Synthetic wigs, composed of artificial fibers, can hold a certain style no matter the conditions. Besides, they are more affordable and need lower maintenance than human hair wigs. But as we all know, synthetic wigs cannot give us the ideal natural hair appearance and even look fake. There are things you can do to make synthetic wigs and hair extensions look more realistic.

1. Choose A Reliable Wig Store

Generally, the better the brand of wig, the more realistic appearance the wig will give. Besides, if you want to get a more natural hair look, please choose a wig that is a hair color that complements your skin color. And the wig that has similar shades to your natural hair color will be better.

2. Spray Some Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can help to make the synthetic strands which are made of plastic and have unnatural shine more matte. Just hold the wig upside-down and spray the dry shampoo all over, then put your wig on loosely. And we recommend that don’t brush or comb your synthetic wig to keep the tousled and matte look.

dry shampoo

3. Apply Some Fabric Softener

This is a very common method to make your synthetic wig softer. Prepare a spray bottle, and then mix equal parts liquid fabric softener and cold water in it. Shake the bottle thoroughly to make it well-mixed. Next, spray it on your wig and leave it in the air, wait for 20-30 minutes until it is totally dry. You can also wrap it with a towel to make it dry in a shorter time. With this method, your hair strands will be bouncy and maintain their shape.

fabric softer

4. Pluck Your Synthetic Wig

Because most synthetic wigs are made by a machine, the middle line and hairline may look too “perfect”, giving a fake look. To make it natural enough, pluck a few hairs from the center part and hairline. You can put the wig on a styrofoam head, and use a pair of tweezers to remove a few random hairs. Pick out 10-15 hairs along your forehead and pull 20-25 hairs from along the center part in various spots. But never pluck your wig too much to avoid your wig being too bare.

pluck wig

5. Style Your Wig With Heat Or Steam

Maybe you have heard that synthetic wigs cannot be styled with heat tools because they will fry the fibers. But instead, you can use a handheld steamer on a low setting to smooth our kinks. For a curly hair wig, put the hair in curlers and then run the steamer over each curler for 5-10 seconds to set the hair. And you should make sure that your wig is completely dry before putting on it.

handheld steamer

6. Make A Hairstyle

Making a loose hairstyle is a good idea for styling your synthetic wig, such as a ponytail or braid with accessories. To make a wig look natural for a beginner, the trick is to keep the style a little messy. Put on your wig and secure it in place, then make a ponytail, ensuring that it will not show any parts of the wig cap. You can also use accessories to cover any imperfections. Avoid too high or too tight ponytails because it will make the hairline too visible.

a low ponytail

7. Thin Out Your Hair

If your synthetic wig has too thick hair, it will look pretty fake. Just take a razor or pair of sharp scissors and thin out the wig cutting some of the hair throughout. If you are not sure whether you can finish it by yourself, you can turn to your stylist to get a more natural and realistic look.

8. Color Your Wig

It should be noted that a synthetic wig can only be colored into a darker color. You can dye it into a color that matches your personal style. And you can also dye it into color with gradients. If you want a more special wig, you can also add some natural highlights or lowlights to give a great natural illusion too.

purple wig

9. Get A Fringe

A too visible hairline is one of the main reasons why your wig looks so fake. To avoid this, you can choose a wig with fringe, having hair at the front conceals the line of the wig. Believe me, the fringe will work as a magic for your wig.

wig with a fringe


As a good way to change up your look, synthetic wigs are the options for many people, especially for Halloween festivals. However, sometimes synthetic wigs can not give us the ideal natural hair look. So we list 9 feasible methods that can help your synthetic wigs look more realistic. Come on and try it! And if you have some other ways, welcome to share with us.