When you install your Malaysian hair sew in weave the first day, it is great. The hair looks perfect and shiny, and there are no tangles. As the weave hair gets older and you constantly use styling products on it, it can become dry and frizzy. This is a problem that all women who wear weaves have to face at some point in their lives, especially if the hair they bought is not 100% virgin and unprocessed human hair.

Tangling is a common problem that can lead to an unprofessional and messy look, which is not something you want after you've spent hundreds of dollars to buy the perfect set of hair for yourself. Here we are sharing some practical steps to prevent your Malaysian human hair weave from becoming tangled.

Untangling Malaysian Weave Hair

Before we look at the steps that can be taken to prevent tangling, we should also discuss how to remove any existing tangles. The fact that you're reading this post means you've struggled with this problem before-Or you are currently struggling with the problem.

I have to say that the conditioner is very useful for the tangled hair.We recommend using a conditioner in the shower, along with a wide tooth comb, to properly detangle hair without causing excessive damage. They also recommend using hot water and allowing the shower water to run through your hair as this often causes hair to untangle on its own or at least reduces the effort it requires to untangle the hair.

Preventing Tangling of Malaysian Hair Weave

The tangled hair weft, for example, Malaysian virgin hair body wave, now that you know how to untangle your hair without causing damage to it, we should also consider the most appropriate steps for preventing tangling in the future. The best way to ensure your Malaysian body wave weave does not become tangled is to wash it frequently and to treat it with a quality conditioner that has been specifically made for weave hair.

This will keep the hair from becoming too dry-and hair that is dry is prone to tangle rather quickly.When you condition your hair, you should also brush through it with a wide tooth comb to ensure there are no existing tangles.

Using A Leave-in Conditioner

One good way to prevent tangling in the future is Using a leave-in conditioner. Whether it is virgin Malaysian kinky curly hair or Malaysian straight hair extensions.A leave-in conditioner can be applied to your hair and left in overnight. This type of treatment will rehydrate your hair and provide an adequate amount of moisture to it. If you do decide to use a leave-in conditioner, however, you should not use too much as that could also lead to additional problems.

Finally, The Following Tips Should Also Help To Prevent Tangling:

If you go to the gym with your virgin human hair weaves or extensions installed, make sure you wash your hair when you get home. The sweat from gym-time builds up in your hair, which could be harmful and even lead to a bad smell.

f you decide to swim with your weave installed, you should wear a swimming cap first. The chlorine in swimming pools can also build up in hair and be harmful. This could also lead to dryness and tangling.

When you wash your hair, section your hair into multiple parts to make the process easier and to avoid excessive tangling.


Curly weave hair can become tangled quickly when they are used. This can be problematic and also means you'll have to spend hours trying to untangle the hair-hours you don't have if you are living a busy life.The practical tips we have shared here will help you untangle hair that is already tangled but also helps to prevent further tangling in the future.Thus saving you a lot of time and effort when it comes to styling your hair appropriately.