A human hair weft also called hair weave, refers a type of hair extension, usually used for length persons' hair or change hairstyles.They can be purchased at the hair salon or online shops.Here we talking about the hair weave is made of human hair.

Most of the people sewing in the hair weave in their natural hair.Sew in the hair weave need to take a long time but it is very tight, you will never need to worry about the hair weave fall.Considering many first users of the hair weave, here we introduce how to put on a hair weave.

how to sew in nadula hair weave

Part1: Braid all your natural hair

1.Wash and condition your natural hair.

You should wash your hair as you normally do, and give it a good conditioning treatment as well. Make sure that your hair is totally dry before starting the cornrow process.This is prepared to weave your natural hair cornrows.

wash hair weave

2.Prepare the necessary tools

To create the base to sew your weave onto, you need to braid your head in a series of cornrows. So you'll need a wide tooth comb, a fine tooth comb, and a hair pick. Some large hair clips are also needed to hold your hair away from your face.If you want your hair to be silkier, a detangle spray of some sort is necessary.(3 parts water mixed with 1 part oil in a spray bottle works well).

3.Select the part and began to braid your natural hair

You need place the human hair weave in layers around a part of your natural hair.Your part is the exposed area of the scalp, and is typically located down the center of your head or slightly off-center. It only needs to go about halfway back on your head.

Then you will braid two rows of hair on either side of the part, away from each other. Start with one of the ½ inch sections of hair, and separate a small piece about ¼ of an inch thick on one of the ends. Braid this in a french braid towards the ear on the same side of the part. Braid this strand about ⅔ of the way down, leaving the ends loose (they will be incorporated into a larger braid later on).

sew in hair extension

4.Braid the part totally.

Braiding small french braids ¼-inch wide and work down both sides of the part.Because you won't be able to french braid each strand all the way, the ends should stick out after you've braided all the hair near the scalp. Each of the strands that are sticking out will be the start of a row of braids going all the way around your head.

5.Braid the perimeter row and the center

The perimeter braid will have two starts - on either side of the part - but you will combine the ends of the braids together at the nape of your neck. Take your hair out of the hair clips, and section off a strand of hair ¼-½ inch thick all the way around the outer edge of your head.

Follow the pattern of the perimeter braid, by sectioning off thin pieces of hair around the outer edge and working in. Go to the next braid closest to your hairline, and braid on either side of your part towards the back of your head.

Tips: Spraying your hair with the oil to make braiding easier.Your braids will be very tight and may hurt while braiding, but shouldn't be painful when completed.

how to sew in weave hair step by step

Part2: Sew in the human hair weave

Push the threaded needle through the end of hair weaving and then push a curved needle through the braided hair.base.Sew the virgin hair weave in the braided hair until it stops, then push the needle through the next braid.Work your way to the top or until you reach your Pre-determined stopping point.

method of install hair weft

Next, cut short 1/4" to 1/2" pieces from hair weave bundles, apply bonding glue and lay perpendicular to the part. Lay these pieces close together. Repeat on the other side of the part.When you reach the end of part there will be an open space. Cut 4-5" of hair weft, apply bonding glue and wind into a circle. Flatten with a flat iron and stitch into place.Cut and style hair. This is the finished results.

nadula weaving hair

This sew-in method is for those who do not like glue. For any textures can be used this method: Brazilian human hair or other textures.

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