Wigs are good and amazing inventions for the people who need them. They can give a fantastic makeover for your hairstyles in several minutes. But some of them will make you feel itchy as well. That is the reason why you need a wig cap. There are many different kinds of wig caps on the market, silk wig caps, braided wig caps, lace wig caps, or mesh wig caps. The mesh ones are commonly used to save your hair. They bring more comfort. Then, how to put on a wig cap? 

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Whether we have long or short hair or thick or thin hair, we must finish our hair first, then we can get a natural look when wearing the wig. In this post, we will share with you how to put a wig cap on step by step when you have long or short hair.

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how to put on a wig cap with long hair?

how to put on a wig cap with short hair?

how to put on a wig cap with medium hair?

how to put on a wig cap with long hair?

Step1: Prepare Your Natural Hair

1. Braid your hair first

Separate your hair from the middle and weave it into two braids.

2. Make A Heidi Braid hairstyle

Twirl and tuck those braids into a Heidi braid hairstyle. First, take the first braid and bring it under the opposite braid and up and around the front of my head. Then secured it a couple of inches from the crown of your head. When it was at the front of your head it seemed to catch and hold the wig on better, maybe it was more noticeable. Of course, you can put the braids wherever you want.

3. Secured the first braid

The braids must be secured with pins. Use the bobby pins around the front. You can leave it looser at the back, use the bobby pin if you want to.

4. Secure the second braid

After securing the first braid, take the next braid and crossed that under the opposite braid and brought it around the front of the previous braid. again, secured it with bobby pins.

Heidi braid

Step2: Put On The Wig Cap 

1. Spray the suitable protector for the scalp onto the head if your skin is sensitive

On the one hand, the caps, for example, the wig net cap, save your scalp away from the way. On the other hand, they are possibly itchy. For any irritation prevention, spray the scalp protector over the head. Allow it to be thoroughly dry for 20 minutes or half an hour. After that, wear the wig cap on natural hair.

2. Place the cap in order with your natural hairline on the head’s front

By doing so, your natural hair will get complete coverage with the cap. Locate the cap’s edge exactly on the edge of your hair on the part above your eyebrows. It is not recommendable to be behind or in front of the hairline.

Make sure to select the cap color matching your skin tone or hair. For instance, opt for a nude one if your hair is fairer. Besides, try to use the wig cap with adjustable straps. It will be much better than the others.

If your hairline is not even, arrange the cap’s edge along its lowest part. That way, your hair will not be showing. 

3. Position the cap over the head’s back to the neck’s nape

Have you finished lining up the wig cap appropriately? Then, extend it comfortably. over your real hair. Stop pulling the cap down when its bottom reaches the intersection between your head’s base and your neck’s top. 

A pro tip? It will be helpful if you secure the wig cap’s front on the hairline with one hand. At the same time, stretch it down using the other hand.

4. Push the cap’s sides behind the ears

Stretching the wig cap over the head will help cover your ears as well. Place it in a way that your ears are exposable. Tuck the sides for the cap to sit behind the ears. If any of your hair strands get out from the sides when you do so, put the hair back underneath the cap. Continue until it rests around the ears.

5. Hold your cap in place with pins on every side of the edges 

Are you afraid that the cap can slip or slide off? Move the pins under the cap’s edges, making it secure on your hair. You can use as many pins on your wig cap as you want. Be sure to have at least one pin or two on your head’s back and front. Bobby pins and snap clips are both acceptable in this regard.

If you ask how to put on a wig cap with thick hair? The same way with long hair. The only difference is you may want to use more pins than those whose hair is thin.

how to put on a wig with long hair

how to put on a wig cap with short hair?

Short hair is not long enough for an updo or braid, it should be slicked back with gel. Fix it with bobby pins, strand by strand, if needed. If you have thin, slippery hair that does not hold pins well, squirt hairspray to the strands for them to be secure. The way to put on a wig cap with short hair is the same with long hair, just refer to the last steps.

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How To put on a wig cap with medium hair?

If your hair is thin or medium, you can create a bun at your neck’s nape. It also works for hair with shoulder or shorter length. Apart from that, your bun will overly stick out. Make the bun low by moving all of the hair to the back. Fix it with pins. Also, put on the wig cap the same way as long hair.

how to put on a wig with medium hair


Choosing the best wig cap is a completely personal preference and our advice is to go with what you feel comfortable with. Just pay attention to the wig cap size that fits you. Of course, you can DIY wig caps at home if you have enough time. That’s all for how to put on a wig cap for you if you have any questions. Feel free to contact us. As a specialized wig supplier, we have enough experience to help you.