When you wear a wig, you must always think about how to secure a wig on short hair, or how to secure a wig to a bald head even how to secure a wig when dancing. Because no one wants to be laughed at in public. This is an issue that you may face and we’re here to share with you 5 ways to keep a wig on your head so that your wig looks natural and realistic all day long.

Method 1: Wig Clips

(How To Secure A Wig With Bobby Pins?)

Although a well-fitting wig should stay in place without any further wig attachments, you may feel happier using an added security wig attachment, such as some wig clips. Just be aware that wig clips are only effective if you have some hair, and you are not wearing a wig cap. Wig clips are easy to use and an inexpensive way of securing your wigs every day of the week. They come in different colors to match all your different wigs, as well as different sizes, to complement the different stylings of our wigs too.

Once you’ve styled your wig, all your need to do is lift a handful of the top section of the wig and place the clips in, to secure the wig around your head.The number of clips and sizes you need to use will be dependent on the style and how secure the wig feels. It’s good to do a few trial runs of securing the wig with clips before wearing your wig out, just so you feel comfortable and confident with where you have placed the clips. And this is also the answer to how to secure a wig with bobby pins.

wig clips

Method 2: Wig Tape

(How To Secure A Wig To A Bald Head?)

The wig tape is attached to the underside of your wig, giving a secure and comfortable bond to your scalp. It is a great place to start if you can not ensure how to secure a wig with no hair.

It’s a more scalp-friendly alternative to wig glue, as adhesives can irritate a sensitive scalp, particularly for those recovering from cancer treatment. However, wig tape is a great way to keep your wig in place whilst still allowing for natural movement. The low residue tape that allows for easy clean-up and a comfortable fit is highly recommended. The tape allows daily wear dependent on temperature, humidity and body oils of the wig-wearer.

wig tape

Method 3: Wig Caps

For those asking how to secure a capless wig, a wig cap may be the perfect solution for you. There are many benefits to wearing a wig cap, guaranteeing that long or short natural hair will stay in place. What’s more, it prevents the natural hair from breaking easily due to friction, creating a safe and sanitized barrier between the wig and scalp, maintaining the cleanliness of your wig.

Some of our customers love wig caps, and some don’t. It is a completely personal preference. Wig caps don’t just act a protective barrier between the scalp and your wig, they are also the perfect tool for helping keep your wig in place. There are many other benefits to using wigs caps.

wig caps

Method 4: Wig Grip

The Wig Grip was designed to make wearing a wig during hair loss more secure, confident and comfortable. It adjusts to body movements, distributes the weight of a wig or hat evenly and keeps them from slipping. It is phenomenal for alleviating pressure and does provide great wig security.

If you want to remove your wig regularly throughout the day, it is perfect as it is easy on and off.If you wear wig tape all day you can sometimes find you can get a tension headache. You may find that as the Wig Grip band is s lightweight and durable, it is a very comfortable solution.

wig grip

Method 5: Wig Glue

Like with wig tape, wig glue should only be used by people without hair. As with wig tape, wig glue is an extremely secure method of wig attachment, and you could potentially rip out hairs when you remove it. If you have hair or sensitive skin, avoid wig glue.

Wig glue is a roll-on adhesive that is clear and won’t leave stains. Wig glue is easily removed with water and is pliable (it will move with your skin rather than staying stiff in one area). As a bonus, you can use your wig glue to secure other things, like pantyhose, socks, nylons, shoulder straps, or orthopedic devices.

wig glue

All of these are great and easiest ways to keep the wig and hair snuggly in place. Of course, you can choose a custom wig if you do not like wasting time on these methods. Just contact us to tell what you need or click here to learn more about Custom wigs.